What’s so good about having a smart meter with a PAYG plan?

The great thing about having a smart meter with a PAYG plan is that the meter shows you how much energy you're using, to help you take control.

If you’re paying for your electricity and gas on a Pay as you go (PAYG) plan, you’re probably keen to spend as little as possible on your energy.

Together, a smart meter and a PAYG plan let you keep a close watch on both the amount of money you’re spending and the amount of energy you’re actually using, so you’re always fully informed. 

Take control of your spending with Smart PAYG+ 

With our Smart PAYG+ plans you will:

  • Always be aware of exactly how much you’re spending, helping you to budget more easily and save money on energy.
  • Enjoy the freedom and ease of topping up anytime, anywhere. You can top up online, by text or with our OVO Energy app, or at any PayPoint outlet. 

Because you pay for your energy as you go and top up whenever you need to, you can see exactly how much you’re spending each day or week, according to whether you top up with small or large amounts. If you feel you’re spending too much and want to know where you might be using more energy than you should, that’s where your smart meter comes in handy. 

Take control of your energy use with a smart meter and My OVO

Once you have a smart meter you can log into My OVO whenever you want and check exactly how much energy you're using. This helps many of our customers cut their energy use (and their bills) by around 5-10% because they can see when and where they're using too much and could cut back to save money on energy.

The meter itself does all the measuring, but what’s really useful are the screens in My OVO that show you:

  • How much energy you’re using.
  • What it’s costing you.
  • Where you’re using the most energy, helping you to be more efficient (and save money on energy). 
  • Actual up-to-date meter readings. 
  • How much carbon dioxide (CO2) you’re creating through your energy use.

If you joined OVO and had a smart meter fitted before December 2015 you may have been given an In-Home Display that showed all this information. However, if you’re joining us now, or having a smart meter installed for the first time, you’ll be able to see your data quickly and easily on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone through My OVO.

You can visit different screens to read your current use, or your use over the last few hours, days, weeks or months. You can also check on how much energy you’re using in kilowatt hours (kWh) rather than cost if you prefer. You can even keep an eye on how much credit you’ve got left, and set mobile alerts to let you know when it’s getting low.

And that’s why a smart meter and one of our Smart PAYG+ plans are such a great combination, particularly when you want to save money on energy.

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