Smart PAYG Standard or Smart PAYG+ – what’s the difference?

We offer you two ways to use your smart meter with Pay As You Go: Smart PAYG Standard or Smart PAYG+. Whichever you choose, you’ll stay on the plan you signed up to, and you’ll get a state-of-the-art smart meter that automatically logs every top-up you make.


We offer you two ways to Pay as you go with a smart meter: Smart PAYG Standard or Smart PAYG+. Whichever you choose, you pay the same price for your energy, and you’ll get a state-of-the-art smart meter that automatically logs every top-up you make. 

All about Smart PAYG+ 

With Smart PAYG+ you use a single card to top up both your gas and your electricity. You can still top up by going to a PayPoint, but you’ll also be able to top up your smart meters anytime, anywhere via the app, message, or online. All you need is a bank card and email address.

With Smart PAYG+ you can also:  

  • Use our OVO Energy app to see how long you’ve got until you next need to top up – so there’s no need to go to your meter to find out.
  • Set rolling top-ups – you can schedule automatic card payments to top up your credit on a regular date. Just go to the app or My OVO and press Schedule. 
  • Set auto top-ups so payments go out when your credit falls to a certain level, to make sure you never go off supply unexpectedly.
  • Get reminders to alert you by text or email when your credit is running low.
  • There’s 24 hours e-credit on each meter in case you run out.
  • Top up by text message by sending ‘TOPUP*’ and the amount to 66121 – so send ‘TOPUP*10’ to top up by £10.

There’s no need to have In-Home Display (IHD) with PAYG+, as you can manage your costs and usage on your My OVO page or via our app.

All about Smart PAYG Standard

Don’t have a bank card or email address? Then choose Smart PAYG Standard and you can use a prepayment card per meter to top up at your local PayPoint.

  • We'll give you a free smart meter installation and a handy In-Home Display (IHD) to help you see how much energy you’re using, and when. See how much credit you have left, and set yourself targets according to £, CO2 or kWh. There are LEDs which you can set to flash red, yellow and green according to how much energy you’re using at that moment. 
  • You can go to any PayPoint to top up.
  • Top-ups will go onto your meters automatically, so you don’t need to put the card or key into the meter.
  • There’s £5 emergency credit on each meter in case you run out.
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