Why won’t the OVO Energy app work for me?

Trying to set up our OVO Energy app and wondering why it’s not working for you? Here’s a checklist of reasons why you might not be able to use it yet.

We think the OVO Energy app is a great piece of kit if you pay as you go for your energy. If you’ve got a smartphone and a smart meter, you can use the app to top up your credit whenever you want, wherever you are.

However, there are a few other things you need to have up and running before you can use the OVO Energy app. Basically, you need to be able to answer ‘yes’ to these five questions:

  1. Is your home supplied with electricity or electricity and gas by OVO energy? The app is only for our current customers, so if you’re with a different energy provider, it won’t work for you. If you’d like to switch, just get in touch. See how your current provider compares with our range of energy plans here
  2. Is your energy on supply yet? If you’ve signed up to OVO, but haven’t come on supply yet, the app won’t work for you until you have. Try again as soon as your electricity is actually being supplied to your home by OVO.
  3. Have you got smart meters? The OVO app is clever, but not clever enough to work with traditional prepayment meters. If you haven’t got smart meters yet, we’ll be in touch when there’s an engineer in your area.
  4. Are we connected to your smart meter? If you’ve got a smart meter already, but it was installed by a different supplier, it may still be connected to them. If so, we’ll need to connect to it before the app will work. If you haven’t already told us, let us know and we’ll get straight to it!
  5. Have you chosen Smart PAYG+? You’ve got two options with OVO PAYG energy – Smart PAYG+ or Smart PAYG Standard. If you’d like to use the OVO Energy app, make sure you’ve chosen Smart PAYG+.

So – you can answer yes to all the questions above. You’ve joined OVO energy as a Smart PAYG+ customer with a smart meter, and we’re already connected to your smart meter and supplying energy to your home. In that case you’re ready to start using our OVO Energy app.

We’ll send you an email with your login details, which you can also use to access My OVO. You’ve then got a choice of how to top up your Smart PAYG+ credit.

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