Traditional PAYG

Traditional Pay As You Go is the easy way to pay for your energy from day to day. You need to have a prepayment meter in your home, and then simply use a key or card to top it up at a PayPoint.

It's particularly suitable if you haven't got a bank card.

If you're an OVO customer, your prepayment meter could be either a standard dumb meter or a new Smart Meter. When you sign up for PAYG, once we've installed your meter or if you've got one already we'll send you a top-up card and/or key.

If you've just started using traditional Pay as You Go, read these pages carefully to avoid any problems.


Helping you in an emergency

If your new key or card doesn't arrive, if it's lost or stolen, if you have any problems linking it to your meter, or if it doesn't work when you try to top up, you can find out what to do in these pages.

You can also read all about emergency credit. This lets you access an extra £5 for each fuel if you're in danger of running out and you can't get to a PayPoint straight away to top up. When your credit gets low, the In-Home Display linked to your meter will make a noise to alert you, and a red light will come on. You can then release £5 for whichever fuel is about to run out, but you'll have to pay it back when you next top up.

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Why am I paying more than I expected for my energy?
If you’re worried about the amount you’re spending on energy, you can use the information in your meter to keep an eye on your energy use.
What is emergency credit?
Just in case you ever run out of credit and can’t get to a top-up point quickly, your meters each have £5 of extra credit built in.
Why can't I do gas top-ups at Payzones or Post Offices now?
If you lose your gas card, you can now get a replacement much, much faster – but it means we’ve had to change the places where you can do gas top-ups.
Am I using the correct electricity key and gas card?
If you’re still using your old supplier’s electricity key or gas card to top up your meter, you could be paying too much for your energy.
I’m having a problem with my meter key/card – can you help?
I’m having a problem with my meter key/card – can you help?
If there’s a fault with either your electricity key or your gas card, here’s what to do.
What happens if I have a prepayment meter and I move home?
On the move? Here’s how to achieve a smooth handover when you move home – and how to help the new tenants or owners understand how to use the prepayment meter.
What happens if my prepayment meter runs out of credit?
If your prepayment meter runs out of credit, your energy could go off supply – but the good news is that it’s easy to get it up and running again.
How do I get my emergency credit on my prepayment meter?
Run out of credit on your meter and can’t top it up straight away? Activating your emergency credit will get you extra credit to keep your energy flowing.
What should I do if my prepayment meter goes off supply?
If one of your meters goes off supply for any reason, it’s important to act fast to get it going again.
What do the screens on my traditional prepayment meter mean?
Your traditional prepayment meter/s can show you all kinds of useful information – just scroll through the screens to find what you want.

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