I’ve got an error code on my meter – what does it mean?

If you spot a strange message on your prepayment meter display screen, it probably means there’s something wrong. If so, you need to let us know right away.

Which error codes might appear on my electricity meter, and what do they mean?

RESET, token no or Errors 1, 2 or 3, 50 or 99:  We need to change your meter – please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Blank screen: 
If the red light isn’t flashing, there’s no power getting to your meter. Please contact your District Network Operator (DNO). You can find their contact details in the welcome letter we sent when you joined OVO. However, the easiest way to contact them is to phone the power cut helpline on 105.

If the red light is flashing as usual, insert your key in the meter and hold down the blue button to ‘wake up’ your meter. If this doesn’t work, give us a call as there may be something wrong.

Error 6: You’re using the wrong key, or your key has stopped working. Please get in touch to let us know.

Error 10: This can mean either:

  • Your key is dirty – please try wiping the chip with a clean, dry cloth and then reinsert it.
  • Or: we need to send you a new key.

Any error number from 11 to 44: You need a new key. Please get in touch so we can arrange for you to pick one up from your local PayPoint or Payzone.

If you see any other onscreen error messages, it probably means you need a new key. Please make a note of the error message on your meter display and then get in touch with us so we can arrange a new key for you. 

Which error codes might appear on my gas meter, and what do they mean?

Please get in touch if any of these messages appear on your gas meter:

Call help: We need to exchange your meter. 

Battery fail: You’ll need a meter exchange.

CARD NOT ACCEPTED M and 5 stars or 5 dashes: Try removing your card from the meter and re-inserting it. If your display doesn’t go back to normal, please call us.

Blank screen: Press the red button ‘A’ or insert your card to try and bring the screen back up. If that doesn’t work, the meter has a fault and will need to be exchanged.

CARDFAIL 04, 28, 35, 38: The meter can’t read your payment card. This could be because the chip on your card has picked up a bit of dirt, so try wiping it with a clean, dry cloth and then reinsert it. If this doesn’t work, get in touch.

How to get in touch with us

Email us at or call us on 0800 358 3523 or on our landline number 01173 701 041. We’re around Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm, and Saturday 9am – 5pm.

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