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To stay in control of your energy costs and keep your bills as low as possible, you should always be fully aware of what you're paying us each month, what date your energy payment goes out, and what it covers.


If you want to read more about your Direct Debit and why it's the most convenient way to pay your energy bill, you're in the right place.


Direct Debit - the convenient way to pay

Most of the questions in our OVO Answers payments pages are about paying by Direct Debit. If you're paying by any other method, you may need to try the PAYG pages in OVO Answers.


However, you should stay on these pages if you'd like to know how we work out your monthly Direct Debit payment, based on how much energy you're likely to use.


You can also find out how to change your Flexible Direct Debit, why we might adjust your Direct Debit over the winter months, and how you could switch to Flexible Direct Debit if you want.


If you're having trouble making your OVO Energy payments, you'll find helpful information here about the Government's Warm Home Discount. And if you're interested in installing solar panels, or you've got them already, and you'd like to know how to earn a bit of money from them, you can find out more here about Feed-In Tariffs (FITs) and clean energy cashback schemes.

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How do I change Direct Debit details?
If you’re wondering how to change your Direct Debit details, this page explains the steps to take.
What is the OVO Energy Fund?
The OVO Energy Fund is a fund to help people who’ve fallen behind with their energy payments to OVO, fallen into debt and who want to become more financially stable in future.
What’s a personal projection?
A personal projection is an estimate of how much we think you’ll spend on your energy over the next 12 months.
Can you tell me about Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments?
Here’s everything you need to know about Feed-in Tariff (FIT) payments, from how we work out how much you’ll get to the importance of giving us meter readings.
Do you adjust my Direct Debit for winter months?
We may increase your Direct Debit if your current Direct Debit amount isn’t enough to cover the extra energy you use in winter.
Do you have any more info on Feed-in Tariffs (FITs)?
Here’s extra help on Feed-in Tariffs, including what happens if you leave OVO, move home or make your system bigger.
How did you work out my new Direct Debit amount?
It’ll depend on where you are in your contract, as we use different calculations for the first nine months of your plan, and the last three months.
How do I pay online?
How do I pay online?
Whatever your reason for wanting to pay online, you can make a simple, straightforward payment through My OVO.
Why is my Direct Debit higher than I expected?
If you’re a new customer, it’s probably because you’ve joined us in the winter.
There’s some credit on my account - can I get a refund?
It depends on whether you pay by Direct Debit or PAYG, how much credit you've got in your account, and if you plan to stay with OVO.

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