Do you have any more info on Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)?

Here’s extra help on Feed-in Tariffs, including what happens if you leave OVO, move home or make your system bigger.

Feed-In tariff OVO Energy

What happens if I want to switch my FiT account to another energy supplier? 

You are free to switch to another energy company at any time. You’ll just need to contact your potential supplier and fill out their application to switch.

They’ll contact us through Ofgem to let us know and will ask you for a reading on the date of your switch. They’ll use this to open your account with them and close your account with us. We’ll then make sure you get your final statement and payment in the upcoming payment month.

What if I want to switch an existing FiT account to OVO?

Provided your electricity account has switched to OVO from your previous supplier, you can also transfer your Feed-in Tariff by filling out our FiT switch form.

Fill out our FiT switch form here

How long will it take to switch my existing FiT account to OVO?

It will take 28 days, starting from the date when you apply to switch your FiT account to us. On your FiT switch date we’ll ask you to take a solar generation reading. This will count as your closing read with your previous supplier and your opening reading with OVO.

Your previous supplier will continue paying you up to your FiT switch date, and we’ll pay you from then on.

If I switch my FiT account to OVO, will my rates change?

Rest assured, you’ll stay on exactly the same rates you’re currently getting for both generation and export.

What happens to my FiT payment if I want to move house? 

If you sell your house, solar panels are usually sold with it. This means the new owners of your home will inherit the FiT and get all future payments from the completion date of the sale.

If you want to take the solar panels to your new home, this installation would no longer be eligible for FiT payments, because it’s already been registered under the FiT scheme and couldn’t be registered again at the new address.

Can I make my system bigger and will it affect my payments? 

You can increase the size of your system if you want, but only to generate extra energy for your home. Under the new FiT rules, any extensions to your system won’t be eligible for the FiT scheme. You can find more info in Section 3.77 of this Ofgem document.

Do you come and read my generation meter?

You’ll need to give us meter readings every 3 months. We’ll also come and read your generation meter at least once every two years. Our meter readers Lowri Beck will come to your property to do this. We’ll carry on reading your standard meters as normal.

What should I do if my electricity meter moves backwards?

We’ll need to get this changed for you. When you’re generating during daylight hours, your meter should slow down or sometimes stop when you’re generating more than you’re using. If your meter starts clocking backwards, please call us on 0800 5999 440 and we’ll arrange for it to be changed for you. Please note that there is a charge of £30 including VAT for this exchange.

How will it affect my FiT payments if I have a Smart Meter fitted? 

Smart Meters can measure how much energy you export from your installation. You’ll need to be on a metered export tariff. The only difference here is that we’ll need both a generation meter reading and an export meter reading from you on a quarterly basis. We’ll then calculate your payments based on your exact generation and export, rather than estimating this at either 50% or 75%.

Who should I contact if I’m having problems with my generating equipment? 

Your best bet is to speak to your installers. They’ll be able to help with all technical and faulty equipment questions. It’s really important you let us know if they change your generation meter or any of your equipment, as this could affect your payments.

Who should I contact if I have more questions about my Feed-in Tariff?

Contact our friendly, Bristol-based team on 0800 408 6622. We’re here from 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday. Outside these times, email and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours.

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