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How do I get the Warm Home Discount?

The Warm Home Discount is closed for applications.

Unfortunately the window for the 2016/17 Warm Home Discount has now closed. We have had lots of applications and will be working through them on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Pre-register for the Warm Home Discount 2017/2018

If you’ve already applied for it, you don’t need to do anything – we’ll be in touch by the end of January to let you know whether or not you’ve been successful.

How do I know if I’m eligible for the scheme? 

Please see ‘Am I eligible for the Warm Home Discount?’

Why might I have to send you supporting documents? 

The energy regulator, Ofgem, asks us to collect evidence from a small, randomly-selected number of applicants for the Warm Home Discount. We can usually get the information we need from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) but if not we need to ask you for it directly. Please note that if you can’t provide evidence we ask for, your application may be cancelled.

What kind of evidence might you ask me for? 

This could include photocopies of government benefit letters, or a passport or birth certificate to prove the age of your child.

What if I don’t have copies of the right documents? 

You should be able to ask for up-to-date copies of documents in the following places:

  • Working age income-related benefits: Your local Jobcentre Plus office, or by calling 0345 608 8545
  • Universal Credit: Call the Universal Credit helpline on 0354 600 0723
  • Tax Credit Award notice: Call the Tax Credit helpline on 0345 300 3900

OVO  How do I get the Warm Home DIscount warm fire mug cosy

Why have I been contacted by Charis Grants? 

Charis Grants is helping OVO to get all the information needed for Warm Home Discount applications. They may contact you if we need evidence of the benefits you’re claiming.

Why was I told a different date for payment? 

Under Ofgem regulations, we have to make payments for the Core group by 31st March 2017 and the Broader group by 31st May 2017 at the latest. We are aiming to make these payments as soon as possible.

If you’re getting an automatic payment because you were getting the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit on 10th July 2016, this will be paid by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) so we can’t control this date.

If you’ve successfully applied for the Warm Home Discount, we’ll make the payment based on when your application is accepted.

How will I know if I've been successful?

Once you've applied, we'll email you within 4 weeks to tell you you whether your application's been successful or not.

If you're successful, some time between December and March (Core group)/ May (Broader group) you'll see a credit of £140 added to your account balance, or on your meter.

How will I know that I’ve received the Warm Home Discount?  

It’ll show as a payment into your account on your electricity or dual fuel bill. If you’re a prepayment customer, you’ll see confirmation of the rebate once it’s been credited, and it’ll be clearly shown on your annual statement.

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