How do I pay online?

Whatever your reason for wanting to pay online, you can make a simple, straightforward payment through My OVO.

OVO Energy how do I pay online My OVO

To start with, you’ll need to either log into My OVO and set up your details, find out how here.

  1. Log into My OVO
  2. Click on ‘PAYMENTS’ at the top of the screen
  3. Click on ‘Make a top-up payment’
  4. Fill in the amount you want to pay
  5. Click on ‘Pay now’
  6. Fill in the online form to provide your personal and card details and make your payment

I pay my bill by monthly Direct Debit – can I make extra payments online?

Sometimes you may want to make an extra payment into your OVO energy account.

It could be because you really appreciate the money you earn with our OVO Interest Reward.

Or it could be because your Direct Debit payment isn’t quite covering the energy you’re using, and you’d like to make a one-off payment to make up the arrears.

Either way, just follow the instructions above. When you enter the amount, the payment box will show you what difference that will make to your current credit or debit balance.

If you’re increasing your credit balance to benefit from our OVO Interest Reward, remember that you’ll only earn the OVO Interest Reward on a credit balance up to the current maximum credit balance for the Interest Reward shown in our Energy Charges list.

I’m on Pay As You Go – can I top up by Direct Debit?

If you’re on traditional PAYG and top up your meters with keys or cards, you can only put money on your keys and cards at a PayPoint outlet, so you can’t make online payments.

If you’re on Smart PAYG+ you have a much wider choice of ways to top up your meter, which includes paying online through My OVO or our OVO energy apps. The first time you top up online, you’ll be asked to register a payment card. It can be either a debit or credit card – we don’t charge you extra for using a credit card. Your card details will then be stored for all future online top-ups. If you want to change to another card later on, just click on ‘ACCOUNT’.

I’ve agreed to pay my bill monthly in arrears – can I make payments online?

If you’ve agreed with us to pay monthly in arrears, you can pay online or by phone. Paying online is faster and more convenient, as you can do it any time, anywhere.

What else can I use My OVO or the OVO energy apps for?

You can check your latest statement, update your personal details (such as changing your email address), set up meter reading reminders, manage your account online or send us an email. It’s the secure, convenient way to carry out any account admin.

It’s also a great way to keep an eye on how much energy you’re using, and make sure your payments are enough to cover it throughout the year. Find out more about My OVO here.

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