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What is Flexible Direct Debit and how does it work?

Instead of making a standard payment every month, Flexible Direct Debit lets you take control.

How it works

  • We suggest a monthly amount to cover the energy you’ll use, based on what you’ve used before and the kind of home you’ve got. For now, let’s call this amount £X.
  • £X is shown on a sliding scale that allows you to adjust it down to a minimum of 75% of £X, or up to a max of 150% of £X.
  • That means you can change it to suit what’s happening in your life.

Let’s say we suggest £100 a month, with a sliding scale of £75 - £150. So you could reduce it to £80, for example. Then, if you use more than £80 worth of energy one month, you’ll automatically pay the difference the next month. 

There’s a cap on this – you’ll only ever pay up to 150% of the amount we originally showed on the sliding scale. So if you used £200 of energy in a single month, you’d owe us £120. But we wouldn’t charge you the full £200 (that’s £120 plus your regular £80) next month; we’d charge you £150, and carry the other £50 on for another month.

To make sure you always know exactly what your Direct Debit is going to be, we’ll send you a statement every month to show your balance, the energy you’ve used and the amount you’re going to pay. This statement will arrive at least 6 working days before you pay your next Direct Debit.

What are the benefits of choosing Flexible Direct Debit?

Flexible Direct Debits can be a great way to manage your money to suit your life.

  • Imagine that your car’s broken down and you need to get it fixed.
  • Just scale down your OVO payment for the month so you’ve got the cash to get back on the road.
  • Work a bit of overtime to get back on track.
  • Scale your next Direct Debit up to cover your lower payment the month before. 

You can decide to pay a bit more throughout the summer and save up credit to cover your extra energy use in the winter … or cover your Christmas Direct Debit so you’ve got more to spend on presents.

How can I switch to paying by Flexible Direct Debit?

It’s easy. Just log into your My OVO account and: 

  1. Click the payments tab.
  2. Click 'Want to change plans?’
  3. Select the Flexible Direct Debit plan.

Do I get to choose the Flexible Direct Debit amount?

That depends on whether you’re a new or an existing customer.

  • If you’re just joining us, we’ll start things off by setting an amount that we think is enough to cover the energy you’ll use (based what you’ve used before and the kind of home you’ve got). This is your Standard Direct Debit amount. As soon as you’ve had your first statement you take control. You can reduce the payment if it suits you, or even pay more if you like.
  • If you’re already an OVO customer, you choose your flexible amount. Taking the amount you’re already paying as your starting point, you just log into My OVO, switch to Flexible, and change it to an amount that’s between 75% and 150% of your current payment.

How do you work out the Flexible Direct Debit amount?

We check how much has been used at your home over the last 12 months and divide it by 12 to work out your recommended Standard Direct Debit amount.

So if the energy use at your address was £1,200 in the last year, that’s £100 a month – so that’s what your Standard Direct Debit would be. You could then choose a Flexible Direct Debit payment of anything between £75 and £150.

How do I change my Flexible Direct Debit amount?

Just log into My OVO and choose a new amount. Your account will update straight away. If you change the amount less than 6 working days before you’re due to get a statement, the amount you pay won’t change until the next month.

Could I still end up with a debit balance, even though I’m paying by Flexible Direct Debit?

You should only get a debit balance if you’re using a lot more energy than we expected. Normally, if you use more energy than your payment covers one month, you’ll pay the difference automatically through your Direct Debit the next month.

If you’re worried that your payments might be too low, just log into My OVO to change them – you could even build some credit and get our 3% OVO Interest Reward*.

*3% interest – 3% per annum earned on the amount left in your account after you've paid your bill, which is calculated based on number of days in credit and paid monthly. 

3% OVO Interest Reward is available only to customers paying in advance by Direct Debit, and is payable on balances up to the maximum credit balance for the Interest Reward specified in our Energy Charges list (currently £1,000). Terms and conditions apply.

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