What’s a personal projection?

A personal projection is an estimate of how much we think you’ll spend on your energy over the next 12 months.

We’ve always tried to make the world of energy a better, simpler and fairer place. So, in 2014, when Ofgem announced plans to simplify energy tariffs across the industry, we welcomed the news. 
Among other things, Ofgem now asks all energy suppliers and switching sites to create a personal projection. That’s so customers can see how much they’ll spend on their energy over the coming year – and easily compare their tariff to others on the market.

Calculating your personal projection

We calculate your personal projection by looking at how much energy we think you’ll use over the next 12 months. We base it on the daily charges and unit rates of your current plan and, if your plan ends before 12 months, those of Simpler Energy too (that’s the plan all our customers roll onto if they don’t leave or renew).
So if your current plan ends in 1 month, your personal projection will be for 1 month on your existing plan, plus 11 months on Simpler Energy.

Cheapest plan for you

Ofgem also asks us to tell you if we have another plan that’s cheaper than the one you’re on. You’ll see it on your statement as the ‘cheapest plan for you’. 
Remember, this only tells you the best deal you can get with us, not the best deal you might be able to get with another supplier.

Using your personal projection to get the best deal

You can use your personal projection to shop around for a cheaper deal as it allows you to compare like for like with other suppliers. Then, if you find a better price, you can switch.
Also, as your personal projection is linked to how much energy we think you’ll use over the next 12 months, you might be able to spend less just by cutting back.


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