Why did I have to make my first payment on the day you took over my supply?

At OVO, we ask that you pay one month in advance so we can buy energy in advance.

This helps us keep prices down, as we’ve got the funds ready to buy energy at the lowest possible price. It also helps you to keep your account in credit, so you stay on top of your bills.

Why isn't my Direct Debit split over 12 equal monthly payments when I've just joined OVO?

If you join us in the winter, your Direct Debit will be slightly higher than one twelfth of your yearly payment, this is to cover your higher usage in the winter.

We aim to get you onto a Direct Debit with 12 equal monthly payments as soon as possible, but if you joined us during the winter months, when you’re likely to use more energy, we ask you to pay a little more than one twelfth of the total year so your account stays in credit. We’ll then review your Direct Debit in the spring to make sure it matches the energy you’re using.

Because you’re on a fixed plan, the actual price you pay for every unit of energy stays the same, but your Direct Debit can change because the energy you use may vary from month to month.

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