Why is my Direct Debit higher than I expected?

If you’re a new customer, it’s probably because you’ve joined us in the winter.

When you joined, we worked out how much energy you were likely to use during the year. This is based on what kind of home you’ve got, and what you’ve used before. We then took that amount and divided it into 12 equal payments.

If you’ve joined us coming into winter, you won’t have been able to build enough credit on your account to cover your energy use over the colder months.

Because people use up to 25% more energy in the winter than summer, we increase your Direct Debit by 10%.

  • This is called our 'seasonal uplift'
  • It doesn’t mean your prices have changed
  • If you’re on a fixed deal, the price you pay per unit and your standing charge stay the same throughout your plan

Once the winter months are over, just get in touch if you’d like to lower your Direct Debit amount. We also review your Direct Debit every 6 months so we’ll automatically adjust your payment then if we need to.

Staying in the black is a good idea for a number of reasons.

As well as covering your winter spend, you’ll also have the flexibility to change suppliers. Being in debt to an energy company makes it harder to switch to a cheaper supplier, which means a less competitive energy market and higher bills. So we encourage you to stay on track. 

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