Why is my Direct Debit more in the winter?

People tend to use more energy in the colder months, so we suggest raising your Direct Debit by 10% to cover the cost of this ‘seasonal uplift’.

Most people use more energy in the winter. The nights are darker, so lights are on for longer. As the mercury drops, we’re all more likely to put the central heating on. Line-drying clothes is more tricky – especially if you’re out at work during the day – so on goes the tumble dryer. Long hot baths are much more tempting, and you’ll reach for the hairdryer without thinking twice. There are lots more warming cuppas, and popping on fan heaters for a blast of warmth all adds up.

Here at OVO, we believe you should stay with us because you want to, not because you have to, so we encourage you to stay out of debt. That means making sure that your Direct Debit payment covers the energy you use. As you’re likely to use more energy in the colder months, we add 10% to your Direct Debit payments if you join us in the winter, to stop your account falling behind. This is called our 'seasonal uplift'. 

But how do we work out your Direct Debit in the first place?  When you joined OVO, we checked your details on a central database that includes a list of energy records for every address in the UK. We were given your Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) for your electricity and Annual Quantity (AQ) for your gas, based on all the readings from your property over the past two years. So it gives us an accurate picture of how much energy you usually use in a year. Then we worked out how much energy you’d use over the year and set your Direct Debit payments – adding that extra 10% to cover what you’ll use while it’s colder.

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