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How do I read my OVO energy bill?

Understanding your OVO Energy bill and what you're being charged is critical to figure out your energy spend.

How do I read my OVO energy bill? statement billing 


There’s lots of information that needs to be included within your OVO Energy bill, and we know it can sometimes be a bit confusing. We’ve put together this guide to show you what everything means.

It also includes the information you’ll need if you want to switch to another energy supplier.

  1. Account number
    This is your unique OVO Energy Account number.
  2. My OVO ID
    To control your account online in My OVO, you can log in with this ID, but you can also use your email address too.
  3. Statement number
    This is the unique number of this energy statement on our systems. It’s useful to have to hand if you ever call us about your statement.
  4. Your personal projection
    This is how much we think your electricity or gas will cost you for a whole year, based on your tariff and how much you’re using. It’s useful for comparing prices with other energy providers.
  5. Our cheapest similar and overall tariffs
    If you’re not already on our cheapest plan, this shows you how you could save some money on your energy – also useful for comparing prices.
  6. Impartial advice and switching info
    We want to be as transparent as possible. That’s why this section shows you how to get independent advice on switching energy providers.
  7. Your statement at a glance
    This section gives you a quick view of your charges, including a breakdown for each type of energy you get from us, any discounts, VAT and your balance after this comes out of your account.
  8. Charging period
    This shows the start and end dates for the billing period covered by this statement.
  9. Tariff comparison rate/About your tariff
    The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) is an energy industry standard designed to help you compare your energy plan with other providers. It includes your plan name, how you currently pay, when it ends, and your estimated annual consumption. If you’re on one of our fixed plans it may also show the exit fees you’d have to pay to leave before your plan ends. Note that it’s only for comparing average consumption. 
  10. Your energy use this month (Do you know how much energy you use each quarter?)
    See how much you’ve used compared to last year. If you haven’t sent us recent meter readings, it’s based on estimated readings.
  11. kWh
    A kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the standard unit used to measure your energy use.
  12. Our energy sources
    This is a breakdown of all the places we get our energy from – now a minimum of 33% renewable for all customers from 1st April 2015.
  13. Local Network Operators
    If you have a power cut or need to upgrade your supply, you’ll need to contact your Local Network Operator. They’re not linked to OVO, so we’ve supplied their phone number.
  14. How to make a complaint
    We want you to be really happy with our service. If you’re not, please contact us first. This section tells you how our complaints process works, including how to get independent advice.

    Electricity used section: 

  15. S number
    This shows the MPAN number for your meter (also shown below it on your electricity statement). It’s the numbers in the four boxes at the bottom.

    Fuel usage full breakdown section: 

    Your Meter Point Administration Number (MPAN) is the unique identifying number for your electricity meter, so it doesn’t change if you switch suppliers. On a gas meter it’s called a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). It’s also sometimes called a Supply Number.
  17. Meter Serial Number
    Your meter’s unique serial number is often printed on a sticker or engraved onto your meter. It should match the number shown on your statement.
  18. Tariff
    This is the name of your OVO Energy plan.
  19. Charge period
    Shows the start and end dates for the billing period covered by this statement.
  20. Meter readings
    Tells you the type of meter you’ve got (anytime, Economy 7 etc.), your five-figure meter readings and the dates they were taken. If you haven’t supplied any readings in this period it says ‘Estimated reading’.
  21. Price £/kWh
    The cost of your energy per kilowatt hour and how many kWh you’ve used in this billing period. For gas meters you’ll also see the meter units you’ve used, which are then converted into kWh to make them easy to compare.
  22. Cost
    The total price for your energy units before standing charges and VAT are added.
  23. Standing charge
    How much you pay for us to supply energy to your home for this billing period. It’s a fixed daily price multiplied by the number of days.
  24. Total cost
    The total cost for your energy before VAT is added.​

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