Back when OVO started out, one of the things that really fired us up is just how tricky it can be to understand energy pricing. We want to make energy prices easy and transparent – and provide plenty of help if our best efforts aren’t absolutely crystal.

Fixed energy tariffs and variable energy tariffs

One of the questions we’re asked time and time again is what’s the difference. Put simply, a fixed plan (Better Energy or Greener Energy) is fixed at a set price for a set length or time, and a variable plan (Simpler Energy, Greener Energy or Smart PAYG) might go up and down depending on what happens on the wholesale energy market. For more detail, read what’s a variable tariff or what’s a fixed rate tariff? 

OVO plans and prices

Need to know how long we'll hold the energy prices we've quoted? They're guaranteed for seven days after your renewal letter or online quote date. After that, we'll have to give you another quote. And if you’re wondering about what energy tariff (plan) you’re on, or what unit rate you pay, you’ll find details in your contract agreement in your welcome letter, and in the My Profile section in My OVO. Find help to log in to My OVO here. 

What’s included in your bill? 

Your energy bill is made up of a unit rate and a standing charge. Read more about what each of these cover here: what’s a unit rate and what’s a standing charge. 

Do energy prices change? 

In a word, yes. Our energy prices vary depending on the wholesale market. Find out about when we last changed our prices, and how this change might affect you here. 

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How much does electricity cost?
The price you pay for electricity is dependent on a number of different factors.
Is electricity cheaper at night?
Electricity costs the same price per kilowatt hour (kWh) regardless of when you use it, unless you’re on an Economy 7 tariff. If you are, your electricity will be cheaper at night.
What are standing charges - and what else does OVO charge for?
Standing charges go towards covering the cost of the pipes and power lines that carry gas and electricity to your home. A little is also taken from your unit rates.
When did your unit rates change? What does this mean for me?
We decreased our prices on Tuesday 6th June 2017. Find out how this price change affects you.
What's a fixed tariff?
What's a fixed tariff?
If you choose a fixed tariff you’ll agree to pay the same price for the length of your contract.
Why have you changed your prices?
Why have you changed your prices?
Put simply, whenever we save, our customers save too.
What are variable rates?
If your energy plan, tariff or contract is ‘variable’, your standing charge and the price you pay for your energy can fluctuate with wholesale energy prices.
I’ve been offered a better deal. Can OVO price match it?
We believe in treating all our customers fairly and offering everyone the same rates; this means we don’t offer ‘price matching’.
What are my unit rates? How long do they last in a quote?
A unit rate is what we charge for each unit of energy (kWh). Each plan has different unit rates. If you’re on our Simpler plan or PAYG, they can go up and down.
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