What's a fixed tariff?

If you choose a fixed tariff you’ll agree to pay the same price for the length of your contract.

OVO Energy fixed tariff arrow

Fixed prices mean just that. Fixing the price you pay for an agreed duration. You’ll sign a contract, which means we’ll honour the price agreed for the whole year – even if the price we have to pay for your gas or electricity increases.

Sorting out a fixed price is a good thing for many people because:

  • Your energy prices don’t go up – even if the wholesale energy market does
  • You’ve got peace of mind – if energy prices increase for others, yours won’t
  • You can budget more easily – especially if you pay by monthly Direct Debit in advance
  • You get the best price we can offer – at the time you get your quote

The amount on your statement will change each month, as that depends on how many units of energy you’ve used – but the flat rate you pay for each of those units of gas or electricity will stay the same.

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