Smart Gateway

We offered Smart Gateways to our energy customers from 23rd April to 7th September 2015, but this offer is no longer available. It's a gadget that links your Smart Meter to your My OVO account so you can track your energy use any time, wherever you are. Just plug it into your broadband router and it connects wirelessly to your Smart Meter, sending data about your energy use to My OVO.

You can use it to help you control your energy use, for extra efficiency and better budgeting.
These pages answer a wide range of questions about the Smart Gateway. Like how to check your data even when you're not at home, where to find your live data, who we'll share it with, and how we keep the Gateway and your data secure.

If you’ve got a Smart Gateway but you’re not using it to its full potential, you’ll find plenty of tips and troubleshooting info on these pages, with answers to questions like ‘What do the lights on the Smart Gateway mean?’

You can also find out what happens if your broadband goes down, and how much of your broadband allowance is used by the Gateway. And if your Smart Gateway goes wrong or stops working, you can find out what to do in these OVO Answers.

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