I’ve got a Smart Gateway*. Can I use it if I haven’t got a Smart meter yet?

No, you’ll need to have your Smart meter(s) installed first. The Gateway needs to talk to the Smart meter to work. The meter collects the data that the Gateway then interprets.

*We offered Smart Gateways to our energy customers from 23rd April to 7th September 2015, but this offer is no longer available.

Does the Gateway need to be plugged in to work? 

Yes. The Gateway has to stay plugged into your broadband router and the mains power supply otherwise it won’t work.

Just so you know, if you unplug the Gateway, it won’t collect any data while it’s not connected.

Can I still use the Gateway if I change supplier?  

The Gateway’s designed to send your data to OVO, so you’d need to return it to us if you change supplier so we can remove your data history.  

If you wanted something similar with your new supplier, you’d need to ask them what they offer.  

How does the Gateway know which tariff I’m on?

The Gateway knows what tariff (energy plan) and rates you’re on, as it gets that info from My OVO and uses it to work out your costs.

You can check all those details yourself in My OVO. It’s easy to log in – use your account number and follow the prompts.

What happens to my Gateway if I move home?

You'll need to pop it back to us. Unfortunately the Gateway can’t move with you as it’s linked to your current meter(s). We’ll need you to return it so we can delete the data history. 

If you want a Smart Gateway at your new home, great. You’ll need to join OVO again, get a Smart meter installed and then ask for a Smart Gateway. 

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