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I haven’t installed my Gateway* yet – what should I do?

Don’t worry, you can install it now. Here’s an overview in case you’ve lost the instructions.

*We offered Smart Gateways to our energy customers from 23rd April to 7th September 2015, but this offer is no longer available. ​

  1. Clip the wall plug on to the power adaptor until you hear a click.
    How do I install the Gateway
  2. Connect the power adaptor to the Smart Gateway using the USB cable.
    How do I install the Gateway
  3. Plug the wall plug into the power socket and wait for 10 seconds. The Smart Gateway will turn on automatically.
    How do I install the Gateway
  4. Use the network cable to connect the Smart Gateway to your internet router. The second light from the left should turn solid green. 
    How do I install the Gateway
  5. Then we’ll ask you to go on to My OVO to finish setting up. It’s really easy to do and you’ll be ready to start tracking your energy usage in less than 10 minutes.
    How do I install the Gateway


This is really important as this last step links your Smart Gateway to your Smart meter, so make sure you have a working internet connection and once you're logged in, a box will pop up telling you what to do next.

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