What’s a Smart Gateway*?

It's a gadget that links your Smart meter to your My OVO account so you can track your energy usage on your own devices – anytime, anywhere.

*We offered Smart Gateways to our energy customers from 23rd April to 7th September 2015, but this offer is no longer available.

You simply plug it into your home broadband router and it connects wirelessly to your Smart meter, sending real-time and historical data about your energy use to My OVO. We are not offering new Smart Gateways at the moment, but we may be able to offer them again in the future.

What are the benefits of the Smart Gateway?  

There are many benefits, including more insight into and a better understanding of what you’re using and spending.  

The Gateway makes the most of the data from your Smart meter, by allowing you to:

  • Use your own devices to view real-time info and detailed analytics about your usage in My OVO – anytime, anywhere
  • Budget more easily and understand your monthly bills
  • Learn how to cut back, save money and reduce your carbon footprint
  • See your usage over time and how your habits affect your bills
  • Discover which appliances are the most energy hungry
  • Check you haven’t left any appliances on unnecessarily when you’re not home
  • Enjoy a much nicer user experience compared with an IHD
  • Get regular software updates to improve its functionality, look and feel
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