How do I order a smart meter?

The Government wants most homes to have smart meters by 2020, but at the moment they’re not suitable for every property. Find out if your home qualifies here.

There are many good reasons for wanting a smart meter, no matter how you pay for your energy.

If you pay by monthly Direct Debit, a smart meter can offer you all these great benefits:

  • You’ll no longer need to give us meter readings

  • You can be sure your statements are absolutely accurate each month

  • Your smart meter can help you save money on your energy bills because it provides data showing when and how you might be using more energy than you need

If you’re on an OVO PAYG plan, there are even more advantages to having a smart meter:

  • A smart meter can help you save money on your energy bills because it provides data showing when and how you might be wasting energy

  • If you choose our Smart PAYG Standard plan, you’ll still need to top up your meter payment card at a shop, but the credit is immediately transferred to your smart meter – you don’t need to go home and put the card in the meter

  • If you upgrade to our Smart PAYG+ plan, you can top up your meter any time, anywhere, because you can do it online, by text, or with our OVO Energy app – and also at a PayPoint shop if you wish

Smart meters are definitely a good thing, and we’re installing them in as many of our customers’ homes as we can. We’re doing this systematically, area by area, so if we haven’t reached your neighbourhood yet, rest assured that we’ll get to it as soon as we can.

To see if there's availability in your area, click here if you pay monthly for your usage or here if you Pay As You Go. If there aren't any appointments in your area right now, check back soon as the list is updated regularly when more appointments become available.

How can I tell whether my home is ready for a smart meter?

Smart technology is improving all the time, but right now some energy customers aren’t yet able to have a smart meter. For example, people living in high-rise flats where the meter is in the basement.

We are currently investigating new kinds of smart meter and we hope almost every home will be eligible for a smart meter in the future.

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