How do I switch on my In-Home Display?

When you unpack your new In-Home Display (IHD) and look at the screen for the first time, it might be completely blank. Don’t worry – it isn’t broken.

IHD OVO Energy Smart secure In Home Display How do I switch on my In-Home Display?

How to get started with your IHD

When your In-Home Display arrives, the screen will look blank because it’s gone into standby mode to save you energy. First of all, you'll need to give us a call to link your IHD to your smart meters. You can call us on 0800 5999 440 if you pay for your energy monthly or 0800 358 3523 if you pay as you go. Once your IHD and smart meters are linked, just press the on-off switch (the little black button on the left-hand side of your IHD screen), and all kinds of useful things will appear. The IHD main menu screen will light up and display a range of IHD icons representing all the things the IHD can show or tell you. These icons work as buttons which you simply tap to move across from screen to screen.

Why does it say I have a variable tariff on my IHD?

This happens with all IHDs – it’s built into the programming, so you can’t change it (and neither can we).  However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re on an OVO variable tariff. Your unit rates will be as agreed in your contract (unless you’ve overridden them). So if you have a fixed rate OVO contract, rest assured, your rates will still be fixed even though it says ‘variable tariff’ on your IHD.

What happens if my contract, tariff or rates change?

If you renew with us on a new OVO contract at a different rate, or your rates change for any other reason, we’ll update your IHD remotely to show your new rates. 

Does my In-Home Display show prices including VAT?

Yes – all the prices and unit rates shown on your IHD screen include VAT.

What should I do if my IHD breaks?

That depends on whether you mean ‘breaks down’ or if it has actually suffered physical damage from being dropped or knocked. If it’s not working properly, so it’s no longer showing any figures or messages on screen, or is not moving properly from one screen to the next, please get in touch to let us know, and we’ll see what needs to be done. If your In-Home Display unit has physically broken – for example, if the screen has smashed, you should also contact us. We can provide a replacement, but we may need to charge you a fee for it.

How to contact us

If you pay for your OVO energy by monthly Direct Debit:    

Email us at or call us on 0800 5999 440 or our landline number 01179 303 100.

If you’re on our Smart PAYG Standard plan:

Email us at or call us on 0800 358 3523 or our landline number 01173 701 041.

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