How do I top up my smart meter?

Our smart meters are designed to be flexible, making them easier and more convenient to top up than a traditional meter.

If you have smart meters and you’re on one of our OVO Pay As You Go (PAYG) plans, there are several different ways you could top up your credit.

Even better, with Smart PAYG you top up your meter/s remotely, so you never have to worry about running out of credit when you’re away from home.

If you’re on our Smart PAYG Standard plan

With Smart PAYG Standard, you have separate payment cards for your gas and electricity smart meters, and you need to top them up individually.

Simply take your payment cards along to any shop or petrol station that offers a PayPoint service, and pay for the amount of credit you want to add to each meter. As soon as the shop assistant has topped up a payment card, that credit goes to your smart meter, thanks to the smart technology. So you don’t need to go home and insert the payment card in your meter.

However, if you were off supply before topping up, you’ll need to press A and B to wake up your smart meter and activate the new credit.

If you want more flexibility than this, ask us about upgrading to Smart PAYG+.

If you’re on our Smart PAYG+ plan

With Smart PAYG+, you don’t have separate credit for gas and electricity. Whenever you top up, the amount goes into a single ‘wallet’ for both fuels. Your smart meters then simply take the amount they need for either gas or electricity. So you only need to keep an eye on one level of credit.

Smart PAYG+ also gives you a choice of ways to top up:

  • Online through My OVO.
  • With the OVO Energy app.
  • By text message.
  • With your smart payment card at any PayPoint shop.

You'll need to register a bank, debit or credit card to your account if you want to use the app, My OVO or text message to top up. To register a card for the first time, just log into My OVO (not the app) and follow the instructions on screen. 

To top up by text message, send 'TOPUP*' followed by the amount you want to top up to 66121. For example: ‘TOPUP*10’ to top up £10 credit. The money will be taken from your registered bank, debit or credit card – not from your phone bill. 

You can set up regular top-ups too – find out more here. Each time you top up automatically, you'll receive a confirmation by text message or email, depending on to what kind of alerts you've chosen. 

To top up at PayPoint, you can use any payment method you choose.

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