How do you protect the data in my smart meter?

We keep the information in your smart meter secure with encryption, controlled access and other security, including ways agreed with the government.

Only authorised members of our OVO energy team will be able to see the information in your smart meter. We’ll keep it for as long as we need to, no longer, and then we’ll delete it.

If you switch to a different energy supplier, we’ll still be able to see the information from the time when we were supplying you. We won’t be able to see any data from your time with your new supplier. The same is true for any other companies or organisations who can see your information while you’re with OVO; they won’t have access to your details once you’ve left us. We’ll make sure of it.

What choices do I have?

We’ll let you know what your choices are about what information we collect and how we use it. At the very least you can ask us not to collect and use half-hourly meter readings if we don’t need them for your energy plan or for legal reasons.

We will normally read your smart meter once a day. If you want us to change that, simply get in touch with us by phone or email.

  • If you’re on Smart PAYG Standard, you can choose to have monthly, daily or half-hourly readings

  • If you’re on Smart PAYG+, you can opt for daily or half-hourly meter readings

You can choose how we collect and use your information at any time, even before we’ve fitted your smart meter. If we make any changes, we’ll let you know, and tell you who to get in touch with if you have any questions or issues with the changes.

Why can’t I choose monthly readings with Smart PAYG+?

Our PAYG app needs to take readings at least once a day so it can keep your balance up to date. If we took monthly readings your balance would only update once a month and become more and more inaccurate as the month went on. 

If you want us to take readings once a month, you’ll need to choose our Smart PAYG Standard service instead.

Who else can see the information from my smart meter?

If we need to, we might share your smart meter information with:

  • Organisations and agents who help us provide your products and services

  • Other energy industry organisations, like network companies, who help manage energy supplies, distribution or central energy systems

  • The police or other organisations, including industry bodies who help spot and stop theft and fraud (under data protection laws)

We won’t sell your smart meter information to any other companies unless you say we can. And if we really need to give your details to anyone else, we’ll tell you first whenever possible.

What are my rights?

If you’ve asked us not to, we won’t use any information from your smart meters, or give it to anyone else, to try to sell you products or services. You can also ask us not to send you any marketing or selling messages through your In-Home Display (IHD).

You can ask us for a copy of any personal information we hold about you. We’ll tell you who to contact for this information and whether you’ll need to pay for it. If you think any of the details we’ve got about you are wrong, get in touch and we’ll let you know who to contact.

Where can I find a guide to my rights and choices regarding smart meter data?

Just click on the data guide link on the UK Energy website.


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