What are the benefits of smart meters?

The government wants 26 million homes in the UK to have smart meters by 2020. They believe there are all kinds of benefits – and we do too.

There are all these advantages to having a smart meter:

1. Reduce your energy use and save on your bills

Your smart meter can show you how much energy you're using, and when, in real time. It can also show you how much it’s costing you, and how much energy you’ve used over the last day, month or year. That allows you to make comparisons, and see where you might be using more energy than you need. Then you can use that knowledge to set yourself targets, reduce the amount of energy you use, and save money.

2. So many ways to keep track of your energy use

Your smart meter enables you to check up on your energy data in a range of hi-tech interactive displays. The one we provide for you will depend on the way you pay for your OVO energy:

  • If you pay by Direct Debit each month, you may be able to choose either an In-Home Display or a Smart Gateway

  • If you’re on our Smart PAYG+ plan, you can view the information on My OVO, our online account management portal

  • If you’ve chosen to be on our Smart PAYG Standard plan, we’ll give you an In-Home Display <link as above> and you can also view data  in your smart meter’s display panel

3. Say goodbye to meter readings

Your smart meter communicates wirelessly with us to let us know how much gas and electricity you use. When we install your smart meter we’ll give you an opportunity to choose whether it updates your readings half-hourly, daily or monthly. So you won’t need to send us any more meter readings, and we won’t need to send anyone to check your meter readings either – although at some stage we may need to send an engineer or representative out for another reason.

4. Totally up-to-date bills

Once you’ve got a smart meter, we’ll always be aware of exactly how much energy you’ve used since your last statement. So your statements will always be totally accurate, and you’ll only be billed for the precise amount of energy you’ve used.  

5. Simple top-ups for Pay As You Go customers

If you're an OVO Pay As You Go (PAYG) customer, you’ll find it’s much easier to top up your credit with a smart meter.

On our Smart PAYG+ plan, you can use our OVO Energy app to check how much credit you’ve got left wherever you are. Running low? You can top up remotely with our OVO Energy app or My OVO, our online account management portal. You can even programme scheduled top-ups to make life easier. With our Smart PAYG Standard plan, you simply need to take your meter payment card to a PayPoint outlet. As soon as you’ve topped up your credit, it loads the money into your smart meter remotely – so there’s no need to rush back home to put the credit in the meter.


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