What are the rules about having a smart meter?

There are actually very few rules about having a smart meter, but a lot of urban myths. These are some of the real and unreal rules we get asked about.

Do I have to have a smart meter installed?

No – it’s not compulsory.

It’s true that the government wants about 50 million smart meters to be fitted in over 26 million UK homes by the end of 2020, because they believe it will help to bring the UK energy system up to date. All energy companies will be required to install smart meters and make sure all their customers are well informed about the smart concept.

At OVO, we’re aiming to offer smart meters to all our customers, because we believe they give you some great benefits to help you monitor and control your energy use. We’re working our way round the UK, area by area, so if you’re an OVO customer we’ll be in touch to ask if you’d like a smart meter installed.

Do I have to be on a certain tariff to get a smart meter?

Absolutely not. The government wants every home in the UK to have a smart meter by 2020, no matter what energy tariff or plan they’re on.

Can I choose how often you get my data?

Yes you can. When you sign up for an OVO smart meter we’ll offer you a choice of how often you want to send us your data. You can choose between every 30 minutes (half hourly), every day (daily) or every month (monthly).

We recommend half hourly as it gives you a lot more access to your data, and offers you a much more accurate real-time way to keep an eye on how much energy you’re using. That’s a major benefit of smart meters, as it can help you cut back on your energy use and save money on your bills.

However, the choice is yours – if you’d rather the smart meter only sends us your meter readings once a month, that’s fine.

What happens if I have different fuels with different suppliers?

If you get fuels from different providers – for example, if your electricity is from us and your gas is from another company – we will only install a new smart meter for the fuel that we supply.

This means there will be need to be two separate visits for your installation – one from us and one from the other company. We will only contact you about the fuel we supply and your second provider will need to contact you about the other fuel.

Sometimes there may be restrictions around where we can and can’t install a smart meter depending on which fuel you have with us and what other meters you have in your home.

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