What do ‘no WAN’ and ‘no HAN’ mean?

‘No WAN’ or ‘no HAN’ mean that your smart meter isn’t communicating to OVO – or your In-Home Display.

Discover what ‘No WAN’ and ‘No HAN’ mean in more detail, and see what will help improve your connection.


Your electricity smart meter uses WAN (Wider Area Network) to communicate with OVO. WAN uses a mobile phone signal to send us data, like your electricity and gas meter readings.

Your electricity smart meter has a SIM card inside (your gas smart meter doesn’t), just like a mobile phone. So if it’s in a place with no mobile phone signal, it won’t communicate with us. This is what the industry calls ‘no WAN’.

If there’s ‘no WAN’, we won’t get your meter readings automatically, so you’ll have to give us them through My OVO.

Intermittent WAN

If your electricity smart meter is somewhere with a weak mobile signal, its connection to OVO might drop in and out. This is known as ‘intermittent WAN’. 

Just like ‘no WAN’, it means we won’t get your meter readings, so you’ll need to give them to us in My OVO


Your electricity smart meter also creates a short-range wireless network called HAN (Home Area Network). This allows it to communicate with your gas smart meter and devices like an In-Home Display or Smart Gateway.

Since your gas meter doesn’t have a SIM card of its own, it uses HAN to send its messages to your electricity smart meter, which then forwards them to OVO.

If there’s ‘no HAN’, your gas smart meter won’t communicate with your electricity smart meter, so we won’t get your meter readings automatically. Again, just like ‘no WAN’, you’ll need to give them to us the old way through My OVO.

Fixing ‘no WAN’ and ‘no HAN’ problems

By the end of 2020, around 50 million smart meters will be fitted in over 26 million households across the UK. Since not all homes have great mobile coverage, the government is working with the UK’s 4 main mobile network operators to improve it by 2017.

If we don’t get regular readings from your meters, we have to estimate your bill. When this happens, we’ll send you a quick survey to fill in; your answers will help us work out what’s causing the problem and how to sort it out. 

We may be able to offer you a device such as a Smart Relay if we’re convinced it will help to solve the problem. However, these devices only work in certain circumstances, so they may not be appropriate in your home, and we can’t guarantee they’ll put things right.

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