What do the buttons on my In-Home Display (IHD) screen mean?

Press the little black button on the left-hand side of your IHD screen, and all kinds of other useful buttons and icons will appear.

All about your IHD

When you look at your new In-Home Display screen for the first time, it might be blank. Don’t worry – it’s not broken. It’s just sleeping to save you energy.

To wake it up, press the on-off switch (the little black button on the left-hand side). The IHD main menu screen will then light up and display a range of IHD icons representing all the things you can do with the IHD. These icons all work as buttons which you tap to move from screen to screen.

The IHD main menu will look like this:

OVO Energy IHD screen main menu

What does the ‘Dual’ button do?

If you get both gas and electricity from OVO Energy, tapping this button will show your balance, and how many days it should last you.

Tap the ‘Dual’ button and this ‘Account Info’ screen will appear.

IHD Account info screen OVO Energy

The lightning bolt sits above your electricity information. The gas flame sits above your gas information. Tap the ‘A/C’ button at the bottom of the screen, and you can move on from screen to screen to see:

  • The hourly cost of your gas and electricity
  • How much energy you’ve used that day
  • Your CO² emissions

What does the ‘Message’ button do?

Just tap the envelope symbol to see your message inbox.

Messages screen IHD OVO Energy

The number of new messages is shown in the top right corner.

Unread messages are shown in the list in bold, and you just tap on a ‘View’ button to open them. Important alerts (like the one below) will pop up and stay on the screen until you tap ‘OK’.

Messages screen IHD OVO Energy

What does the ‘History’ button do?

Tapping on the ‘History’ button tells you how much energy you’ve used over the last 12 months. You can see how much you’ve used each day, week or month, or over the full year.

Once you’ve pressed the ‘History’ button, you can choose between ‘Gas’ or ‘Electricity’. You can then scroll through these screens by pressing ‘Hour’, ‘Day’ etc in the top right corner.

Hourly readings IHD OVO Energy

Daily readings IHD OVO Energy

Weekly readings IHD OVO Energy

OVO Energy IHD screens Monthly history

What does the ‘Settings’ button do?

The ‘Settings’ button in the main menu screen lets you change the settings in your meter and IHD. For example:

  • Set energy targets to help you use less energy and save money.
  • Change the sound and display settings.

If you’re a Smart PAYG Standard customer, you can set credit alerts to let you know when your credit has fallen to a particular level. This function isn’t yet available for Smart PAYG+ customers.

What does the ‘Tariff’ button do?

The ‘Tariff’ button shows you information about your OVO energy plan, including its name, your unit rates and our standing charge.

If you renew with us on a new OVO contract at a different rate, or your rates change for any other reason, we’ll update your IHD remotely to show your new rates. 

Electricity and gas are shown separately, so tap on the one you want and you’ll see a screen like this. Just use the arrows on the right to scroll through the information.

Tariff page IHD OVO Energy

Do I have to keep my IHD plugged into the mains, or can I run it on batteries?


It’s best to keep your IHD plugged into your mains supply all the time, as this will work out cheaper than buying batteries. However, it’s a good idea to keep two AA batteries handy in case your electricity ever cuts out or goes off supply.

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