What do the lights and buttons mean on my OVO smart meter?

Your new smart meter is more complex than your old standard meter – but that’s because it’s got so much information to share with you.

What do the lights on my OVO smart meter mean?

The red flashing light (the metrology light) next to the keypad is measuring electricity going through the meter. It’s measuring this in kilowatt hours (kWh); 3,200 flashes equal 1 kWh. If you’ve got solar panels and the light isn’t flashing, that means you’re exporting energy to the grid.

The three lights above the screen, from left to right, are:

  • Power light: this should be off all the time – it only comes on when the smart meter is first installed or when your energy supply is restored after a power cut

  • WAN light: this should flash, up to 5 times in a row, which shows the meter is successfully picking up a WAN (wide area network) signal, allowing it to communicate with us – if it is solid that means the meter has lost the WAN signal

WAN light OVO Energy smart meter

  • HAN light: this should always be off – the only time it should come on is when something is being paired with the meter, such as your IHD or your other meter

What are the functionality buttons on an OVO smart meter?




Shows how much energy you’ve used and what it’s cost you today and yesterday


Shows how much your energy cost this week and last week


Shows how much your energy cost this month and last month


Shows historical data about how much energy you’ve used and what you’ve spent each month


Shows CO2 data for the current hour, today, yesterday, last week and last month


Shows what tariff you’re on, your standing charge per day, your active rate register(s) and your energy use and cost per unit recorded in each rate register


Shows ‘Not Used’, followed by the mode, current use and current cost


Shows ‘Not Used’, followed by the mode, current use and current cost


Shows total import and export register values if you have photovoltaic solar panels – please note that the import register value is the same as the meter reading


Checks the display and then shows the time, date and load


Starts VEND mode (which is for manually entering codes when remote communication is not available); starts reconnection if the supply is off and your smart meter is in ‘Ready’ state


Activates auto scroll display from sleep mode; use it to scroll back through a display sequence; confirms entered codes when in VEND mode; mutes alarm; confirms supply reconnection from ‘Ready’ state


Are OVO smart meters compatible with my PV system and the Feed-in Tariff?

Yes, OVO smart meters work with a Feed-in Tariff.

When you press the number 9 on the electric meter it will show your total import and export register value.

  • The energy taken from the grid is the first number after the letters IMP KWH

  • The energy created by the PV system is the first number after EXP KWH

There is no flashing red light on the electric smart meter to show when energy is being generated, so you’ll need to look at your generation meter.


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