What else will change when I get a smart meter?

Once your smart meter is installed, the only changes will be good ones. Like the interactive displays that help you keep tabs on your energy use.

Your smart meter should make your life easier, because:

  • If you’re on a monthly payment plan, you will no longer need to send us meter readings, and your bills will be completely accurate and up to date – you’ll also be able to check up on your energy use through an In-Home Display or Smart Gateway

  • If you’re on our Smart PAYG Standard plan, you no longer need to take your key or card home and insert it in your meter. Once you’ve topped up at the shop, the credit will automatically appear in your smart meter.

  • If you’re on Smart PAYG+, you’ll have a choice of ways to top up, whenever you like, wherever you are, including by text or through our OVO Energy app 

  • Whichever plan you’re on, you can check your energy use much more accurately in our up-to-date interactive displays

Does it cost me more to have a smart meter?

No, it won’t directly cost you anything extra to have a smart meter. You’ll pay exactly the same rates for your energy as you would if you had kept your existing traditional meter. At the moment, the costs of meters and their maintenance are already accommodated as part of our energy bills and this will stay the same for smart meters.  

Does my contract or tariff change when I have smart meters?

No – you’ll stay on the same tariff under the same contract. It’s literally just the meter that changes. The only difference you might notice is that your online statements will then be completely accurate and up to date, thanks to the way your smart meter ‘talks’ to us and keeps us aware of the latest figures for your energy use.

Will the smart meter affect my home in any way?

Wherever possible, our engineer will install your new smart meters in exactly the same place as your old meters. Just occasionally we may need to carry out some extra work in order to install smart meters in your home. If this is likely to happen, we’ll let you know in advance and talk you through all the details.

Will I still be able to see all the energy I’ve used in the past?

Smart meters are great for letting you track your energy use from the moment they’re installed.

However, you won’t be able to see the past consumption data from your old meters, as your smart meters use a different system. 

If you need to refer to this information, you’ll find it in your past statements – or you can get in touch through ‘Contact us’ in My OVO and we’ll be happy to provide the figures you want.

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