What is a PAYG smart meter?

A PAYG smart meter is exactly the same as any other smart meter. It’s just that we programme it to work in a different mode.

OVO Energy smart meters

If you’re on one of our Smart PAYG plans (Smart PAYG+ or Smart PAYG+ Fixed), you’ve got a smart meter – and it’s in PAYG mode. That means you can top it up remotely and the credit goes straight onto the meter. 

You have a choice of ways to top up: through our OVO Energy app, online in My OVO, or with a text. You can even go to a PayPoint or petrol station and use a payment card if you wish. However, because smart meters top up remotely you don’t then need to go home and insert the card as you would with a traditional meter. Instead, the credit will be added to your account automatically.

If you’re on a Smart PAYG+ or Smart PAYG+ Fixed plan but you don’t have access to email or a bank card, you can choose our Smart PAYG Standard service and top up at PayPoints or petrol stations.

The smart meter gives you this flexibility when you need to top up because of its ability to communicate wirelessly. The same ability that allows it to communicate with us and send us your meter readings.

If you’re on one of our monthly payment plans rather than PAYG, your smart meter is in credit mode, so it isn’t programmed to accept top-ups.

What’s the difference between a Smart PAYG meter and a smart credit meter?

There isn’t any difference. Smart PAYG meters and smart credit meters are exactly the same. We’ve just set them in different operating modes. In fact, any smart meter can be switched to the other mode at any time.

If you have a smart credit meter, it sends your meter readings to your supplier so they can use them to produce accurate, up-to-date bills for you.

If you have a Smart PAYG meter, it acts in the same way to send meter readings to your supplier, and it also uses those readings to work out how much energy you’re using. That means you can view your credit balance – as you do with other pre-payment meters – and check when and how much you need to top up.

How does a traditional meter differ from a smart meter?

A traditional meter is an old, non-smart meter – perhaps like the meters you have on your wall at the moment, if you haven’t yet upgraded to smart meters.

They can’t talk to us, and if you’re on a PAYG plan, you have to top them up by inserting a card or key that you’ve loaded with credit at a Paypoint.
These are the meters we’ll be replacing when we install your smart meter.

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