What is a Smart Relay?

The Smart Relay is a device that can help smart products communicate with a smart electricity meter if they’re too far apart in your home.

We provide a Smart Relay device, completely free, when we discover that a smart electricity meter isn’t communicating effectively with the smart gas meter. The Smart Relay does exactly what you’d expect: it ‘relays’ the signal from one smart meter to the other.

What is the Smart Relay for?

We provide a free Smart Relay when the distance between an electricity meter and their gas meter is too great, so the meters can’t talk to each other. As long as we can find a suitable location for the Smart Relay, it can extend the range of the Home Area Network by 100 metres, as long as there aren’t any thick walls in the way.

The Home Area Network (HAN) is a secure network that works like any other wireless system in your home. If you have a smart electricity meter and a smart gas meter, it enables them to talk to each other, as well as with your In-Home Display (IHD), Smart Gateway or home computer.

Your smart electricity meter uses the HAN to communicate with your smart gas meter and pick up its readings. Your gas meter doesn’t have the functionality to give us your gas readings on its own, or send information to your IHD or other smart equipment.

What if I need more than one Smart Relay?

That’s fine – if you’re an OVO Energy smart customer they’re all free. You can have up to four Smart Relays working with each other to cover the Home Area Network range if your house is very large.

How does a Smart Relay work?

The Smart Relay works by receiving the signal from a transmitting device (your electricity meter) and retransmitting it to another device (your gas meter). In other words, it ‘relays’ the signal.
It will only work once it has been commissioned and paired with your electricity meter’s Home Area Network (HAN).

How do I know whether I need a Smart Relay or not?

You would probably benefit from a Smart Relay if we’re not able to collect meter readings from your smart gas meter remotely. If the problem is caused because your gas meter is too far away from your electric meter and can’t communicate with it, a Smart Relay should help.
If you have a problem but you’re not sure whether it’s caused by the distance between your meters,  please contact one of our advisers.

How much does it cost to run a Smart Relay?

If you leave it on non-stop for 365 days, a Smart Relay will use 8.76 kWh of power, which would cost you around £1 a year.

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