Will a smart meter save me money?

It’s not the meter itself that saves you money, it’s the information you’ll get from the In-Home Display (IHD) that comes with it.

By using a smart meter and In-Home Display to get control of what you’re using, it can be a great answer to the eternal question ‘how do I save money on my energy bill’.

Because it’ll show you exactly what you’re using and when, you can learn how to save energy – and potentially cut down your bills.

There’s also a case for accuracy. As your meter will check in with us at least once a month, your statements are accurate and you’re paying for exactly what you’re using. And if you’re up for half hourly readings, you can really start taking control. You’ll get a clearer insight into how much energy different appliances and actions use, you can modify your behaviour to make savings.

It’s small, simple changes that will see you save money on energy – things like only boiling a mug’s worth of hot water if that’s all you need. You might also think about turning off appliances overnight. Sitting on standby still uses energy, which doesn’t make great financial sense. And if you always take advantage of sunny days to line-dry your laundry, you’ll soon see energy savings adding up.

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