Smart meters

Smart Meters record how much gas and electricity you're using in real time and send that data back to your energy supplier. They can then monitor it and use it to bill you with total accuracy.

Your Smart Meter can share information with you through its In-Home Display (IHD) or a Smart Gateway - gadgets that show you exactly how much energy you're consuming. You can use this information to monitor and manage the amount you spend on energy and hopefully cut your bills. According to the government, the average energy customer will save £23 a year by using a Smart Meter.


Our OVO Smart Meters also make life easier for you by sending us up-to-date meter readings, so you don't have to. We can even reset them remotely if necessary.


Smart Meters with PAYG

If you combine your Smart Meter with an OVO Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) plan, it can be a real help in budgeting for your energy payments and keeping you in control of your spending. You'll also benefit from a competitive fixed rate for 12 months, and freedom to top up whenever you want.


A Smart Meter makes it very easy to pay for your energy, whether you're topping up with PAYG or at a PayPoint. It also helps many people use less energy, and cut their bills by around 5-10%.

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My smart meter’s been installed, why is it now off supply?
If you’ve just had a smart meter installed but your gas or electricity has suddenly gone off supply, a few simple checks could get your energy back on again.
What happens if I’m vulnerable or have special requirements?
If you’re due to have a smart meter installed and you have special requirements, we’ll give you an opportunity to tell us in advance.
What are the rules about having a smart meter?
There are actually very few rules about having a smart meter, but a lot of urban myths. These are some of the real and unreal rules we get asked about.
How do my smart meters communicate?
The great thing about smart meters is the way they ‘talk’ to each other and to us. They also talk to you, through interactive visual displays.
What else will change when I get a smart meter?
Once your smart meter is installed, the only changes will be good ones. Like the interactive displays that help you keep tabs on your energy use.
What are the benefits of smart meters?
The government wants 26 million homes in the UK to have smart meters by 2020. They believe there are all kinds of benefits – and we do too.
What is a PAYG smart meter?
What is a PAYG smart meter?
A PAYG smart meter is exactly the same as any other smart meter. It’s just that we programme it to work in a different mode.
Are smart meters safe?
Smart meters are relatively new technology, so you may be concerned about their effect on your home and family’s safety. Rest assured, there’s no need to worry.
What happens if I can’t have a smart meter installed?
The government wants 26 million homes in the UK to have smart meters by 2020. However, they’re not yet suitable for every kind of property.
How do I top up my smart meter?
Our smart meters are designed to be flexible, making them easier and more convenient to top up than a traditional meter.
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