Smart Thermostat

OVO offered Smart thermostats to energy customers from 11 February 2015 to 21 March 2015. This offer is no longer available. If you're having problems with your Smart thermostat, please call Salus Support on 01226 323 961. A Smart home thermostat lets you control your heating and hot water, wherever you are, with your smart phone, tablet or computer. It can also help you save money, because you can make sure your heating is only on when you need it.

The thermostat we use is made up of three separate devices:

1. A receiver so your Smart home thermostat can switch your boiler on and off remotely
2. A battery-powered wireless timer and thermostat that can sense when the temperature of the room has dropped below a certain level (which you choose), and switch on the heating
3. A Smart Gateway connecting your thermostat to the internet so you can control it remotely


The system is completely secure, and will only use about 512kb of your broadband each month - although it will use a bit more during setup and whenever you need to update the software.


How a Smart thermostat could help to reduce your bills

Your heating and hot water probably make up three-quarters of your energy bill, so controlling the amount of time your heating is switched on can help you control your bills too. We can't predict exactly how much you'll save, but the Energy Saving Trust reckons that using a thermostat sensibly could save you between £70 and £150 each year.

You'll also find some tips in this section to help you get the most out of your Smart thermostat - including three simple troubleshooting checks to try if you have any problems with it.

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