I want some Smart thermostat tips and help troubleshooting

Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your Smart thermostat – and 3 simple checks to try out if you’re having problems.

Here are a few ideas to help you get the most out of your Smart thermostat – and 3 simple checks to try out if you’re having problems.  

Tip 1: Energy saving mode 

This lets you set up your thermostat to run continuously at the lowest set temperature on your daily schedule. This means you can use it as a quick way to reduce the temperature in your house – and save energy – if your plans change.

Tip 2: Add-ons 

Although the Salus iT500 itself won’t let you heat different areas of your house, you can get an add-on to do that. It’s called the iT300 and it’ll work with your Smart thermostat to heat 2 different areas.

Tip 3: Control your thermostat in more ways 

Once you’ve registered, you can use the log-on details to control the thermostat from different devices. You can also choose to let other people control it, if you want.  


Thermostat not working? Try out these 3 checks.    

Firstly, is it in energy saving mode? This instructs the thermostat to run at the lowest set temperature on your daily schedule, so make sure you haven’t activated it accidentally. If you have, it’ll appear on your Smart phone or PC (shown below).


Secondly, is it in holiday mode? This sets the thermostat on a different schedule to your daily timings, which may be why it doesn’t seem to be working. You can identify this on your Smart phone app or PC – it appears at the bottom of the screen (shown below).


 Thirdly, is your thermostat locked? If you’ve accidentally locked your thermostat, the controls on the in-home display won’t work. You can unlock it by pressing the tick and the return button on the display at the same time (shown below). 


Still not working? Give us a call

Want to know more?

Check out the full Salus Smart thermostat user and installer guides here:

Salus iT500 User Guide

Salus iT500 Installer Guide

If you’re having trouble getting started with the iT500, watch these ‘how to’ videos:

Single heating zone

Central heating and hot water

Two zone heating

*OVO offered Smart thermostats to energy customers from 11 February 2015 to 21 March 2015. This offer is no longer available. If you’re having problems with your Smart thermostat, please call Salus Support on 01226 323961.  

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