Where should I keep my In-Home Display?

Your In-Home Display (IHD) needs to be within 20m of your electricity meter and somewhere it can pick up the signal from your WiFi router.

Your In-Home Display needs to be able to pick up clear signals from both your electricity meter and your WiFi router, so you need to place it within range of both devices. That means within 20 metres (nearly 66 feet) of your electricity meter, and somewhere it can easily pick up the router’s WiFi signal. Occasionally thick walls can interrupt a signal, so try not to put the In-Home Display too many rooms away from your WiFi router.

And remember, your IHD needs to be plugged in all the time so it can send up-to-date info about your energy use to My OVO. Then you can check your My OVO account whenever you like, on your mobile, tablet or laptop, to see how much energy you’re using – in almost real time – and how much energy you’ve used so far today.

How much does it cost to run my IHD?

Your In-Home Display (IHD) is very power efficient. The average amount of power it uses when it’s switched on, including the plug-top power supply, is less than 0.5 watts. Over a year, this adds up to 4.38 kWh or 54p (based on a unit rate of 12.33p/kWh).

Will the connected IHD use up my broadband allowance?

Yes, some of it – up to around 20MB per day. That adds up to 600MB over a month. If you have a plan with unlimited broadband, this won’t cause you any problems. However, if you don’t, you should contact your provider to ask what your allowance is, as we won’t be able to cover the cost of data used for your IHD.

20MB is the same as the amount you’d use if you were doing 1 hour of web browsing or downloading 4 average-length music tracks.

Will my device work without a WiFi connection?

Even if your In-Home Display can’t get a WiFi connection, you’ll still be able to use it to check details of how much energy you’re using on its screen, but you won’t be able to access the data in My OVO on your own devices.

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