The future runs on batteries

Use more of your solar energy

Reduce your bills by storing surplus solar power in your battery to use later.

Support a ‘greener’ UK

Your battery will support renewable generation in the energy grid by storing electricity when it’s abundant, and discharging electricity when national demands spike. Read more.

Earn from helping the grid

Receive a fixed monthly credit for using your battery and helping to balance the grid.

Don’t lift a finger

Optimised and managed by our advanced technology, so you won’t need to do a thing.

The numbers, crunched

Estimated average
first year savings £5901

Export Credit1

For any solar energy exported, plus reimbursement for electricity that is drawn and exported for grid balancing or energy trading.1

Increased Solar self-consumption:1

An increase in self-consumption of solar energy generated, stored and used in your home.

Based on usage and other assumptions.1 Savings not guaranteed

Annual value of Battery Credit1

A fixed annual amount (credited monthly to your energy bill) for using your battery to help balance the grid.

Estimated average annual energy bill savings1 comprising of:
Export Credit1 & Increased
Solar self-consumption:1
Annual value of Battery Credit1
Estimated average first year total savings1
Battery costs
Battery installation survey
Battery cost
Battery installation indicative cost2
Power: 4.6kW Capacity: 4.2kWh Up to 5 year warranty, subject to Nissan’s terms and conditions

/ a year


/ a year


/ a year


The next step for solar

Want to be there as the world of energy changes?

Enter your details and we'll check if you're eligible for OVO SolarStore (Beta)

Step 1

Site Survey


We make sure your home is suitable for a battery and answer any questions about the installation.

Step 2

Switch to OVO

& choose a plan

You join one of our energy plans (if you haven’t already). And we arrange a smart meter installation.

Step 3

Buy your battery


You make the jump to becoming a home battery owner.

Step 4

Battery installed


*This is the average installation cost. You’ll get an exact quote after the site survey and can choose whether or not to proceed

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the energy industry’s challenges is managing changes in household energy demand and ensuring there is enough electricity being generated across the country to match that demand. For example, millions of people watching a football match at the same time can cause big spikes in energy demand. Enough energy needs to be generated at this time to keep everyone's TV on.

Now that the UK’s renewable energy generation is growing, there are new challenges, in matching electricity supply with our continued national demand.  

Wind and solar power by their very nature can suddenly generate less electricity if the wind drops or the sun sets. Cleverly, your battery has a solution. It will store energy at times when it is abundant, and provide energy back to the grid at times of peak national demand, helping the grid to remain ‘balanced’, keeping your TV on while the UK continues to increase renewable energy generation.

OVO SolarStore (Beta) is a combination of a home battery and some seriously clever software that will contribute to a more sustainable future. It helps you (and everyone else) in two ways:

1. You store more of your solar-generated energy for your own use:

  • This is better for you, as you’re using your solar energy when the sun isn’t shining, meaning you use more of the energy you generate and have the potential to reduce your bills.

  • This is better for everyone and helps create a greener energy system. OVO SolarStore (Beta) will help balance energy demand, which will reduce peak-time energy generation, which tends to be carbon-intensive.

2. We’ll optimise your battery to work with your solar array. It works around your home energy use, while also providing energy services for the electricity grid.

  • It’s good for you, because you get your Battery Credit for these services.

  • It’s better for everyone, because your battery seamlessly becomes a micro power station with the ability to send stored energy back to the grid, making it easier to support more intermittent renewable energy. This all helps reduce our country’s dependency on fossil fuel power.

OVO SolarStore (Beta) is at the forefront of home battery and sustainable energy innovation. Beta means that it’s at the stage where we want to develop and improve it even further, before we launch it fully.

This means that any feedback you give us is incredibly valuable. You won’t just help to shape the way that OVO SolarStore (Beta) works, but potentially how home batteries are used all over the UK. Areas we’re particularly focused on improving are the clarity of the energy statements, online features and the overall processes.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to

There are 3 main ways:

  1. A monthly ‘Battery Credit’ we apply to your bill.

  2. A monthly ‘Export Credit’ we also apply to your bill to cover any energy which is exported.

  3. By using more of the energy your solar panels generate in your home rather than paying for energy from the grid, your electricity bill can be reduced. This is because the battery will store surplus solar energy when applicable, and discharge it when the energy is needed.

What is the Battery Credit and why do I get it?

We intend to operate your battery for grid balancing and energy trading services to the grid. You get paid a fixed amount for providing this service.

What happens to my Battery Credit after the first year?

After your first year, we’ll review OVO SolarStore (Beta) to see if we can make any improvements. This means that the Battery Credit and Export Credit could change, but we’ll let you know at least 30 days before any change.

What is the Export Credit on my statement?

In order to provide grid balancing and energy trading services, your battery will sometimes import and then export power from the grid. On your statement, this will appear as though you’ve bought more energy than you’ve used. The Export Credit reimburses you for this energy so you are only billed for the energy you actually use in your home. It also credits you for any surplus solar energy which is exported to the grid.

How is my Export Credit calculated?

The Export Credit is calculated at the same rate that you pay for your energy. We take the volume of energy which has flowed through your export meter since your last statement and multiply this by your OVO Energy plan unit rate. For example, if your export meter shows 100 kWh of energy has been exported, and your retail rate is 14.7 p/kWh, then your Export Credit will equal 100 *0.147 = £14.70

What happens if I move house?

You own the battery, so if you move house, you can take it with you. It’s really your decision. We can uninstall and reinstall it for you, but we’ll have to go through the same process, eligibility criteria for the new property, and costs as the initial installation.

Can I use my own smart meter?

Unfortunately not. Currently you’ll need an OVO smart meter installed by us.

What if I can’t get a smart meter?

Unfortunately, at this stage we won’t be able to go through with your battery purchase, because it’s super important for us to manage and optimise your battery. We’ll refund you the £50 for the site survey, and you won’t have to pay leaving fees if you want to move to another supplier.

I only have a 2kW solar array. Can I still join?

Yes, of course. There’s no minimum size required for your solar setup, but you do need to be on the FiT register.

I have a small estimated annual consumption (EAC). Is that OK?

You need to have an EAC of at least 1500 kWh to be eligible. Not sure what your EAC is? Find out by contacting your current supplier, or checking your latest statement.  

Do I need to have a site survey to start with?

Definitely. It’s really important that our surveyors perform a site survey at your property, because it assesses your property's suitability for a battery. It’s also a good opportunity for you to ask questions about the installation, and confirm where your battery is going to be.

Can I cancel or rearrange my site survey?

Yes. You’ll need to contact our surveyor directly on 0800 083 1000.

Can I sign up to 100% Green Energy from OVO?

Absolutely! You can sign up to any of our qualifying PAYM plans as detailed in the full T&Cs.

I don’t want to opt in to half-hourly smart meter data sharing. Can I still get OVO SolarStore (Beta)?

Unfortunately not. We need half-hourly readings to make OVO SolarStore (Beta) work.

Am I tied into any long battery-specific contracts with OVO?

No. OVO SolarStore (Beta) is available with any qualifying Pay Monthly plan, so all the usual T&Cs will apply.

I just want the battery but don’t want to join OVO. Can I sign up to OVO SolarStore (Beta)?

The OVO SolarStore (Beta) offer is only available in conjunction with an OVO energy plan at the moment.

Will the energy use section on My OVO include my battery and solar consumption?

Initially, it’ll just show your total energy use, rather than the breakdown by grid, solar and battery, but we’re planning to make this happen in the near future – so watch this space.

When can I expect my first OVO SolarStore (Beta) payment?

You’ll see it in your first statement after you have your battery and smart meter successfully installed (usually around 30 days after installation).

How will my Direct Debit be set up?

Your Direct Debit will be set up as a normal OVO energy customer when you join – but the great thing is that, after 3 months, you can review your Direct Debit online and hopefully reduce it. That’s because the credit you receive each month from OVO SolarStore (Beta) should help bring your costs down.

Will my battery be ‘locked in’ to OVO forever?

Not at all. You can manage the battery yourself if you prefer, but you won’t get the OVO SolarStore (Beta) benefits if you do.

How and when do I pay for my battery?

You’ll need to pay for your battery when you book your installation date – with either a credit or debit card on 0800 083 1000.

Can OVO arrange finance for my battery purchase?

Not at the moment, sorry.

Can I have more than one battery?

Probably in the near future, but we’re only offering one per household at the moment to qualify for OVO SolarStore (Beta).

Can I purchase a solar kit and battery at the same time?

Sorry, we can’t offer you a solar array system alongside your battery at the moment. It’s a requirement that you already have a solar array system installed and that you haven’t updated your FIT export decision (opt-in or opt-out) within the 365 days before your battery is installed.

How long will it take to get my new battery?

It can take as few as 10 days to go from a site survey to being the proud owner of a fully-installed battery. In worst case scenarios, it can take 90 days, but the average time we expect is 45 working days. See the steps above.

Are the batteries safe? Are they a fire hazard? Could they cause surge issues?

Batteries are completely safe, and have gone through all the relevant testing and safety checks required in the UK.

How big are the batteries?

They’re 4 ft x 3ft x 0.7ft (H-L-W) and weigh 90kg, so they need to be installed on a masonry wall.

Am I able to tinker with my battery?

Sorry, tinkerers - the service we’re offering requires us to have full control and optimisation of the battery. This means we’ll take care of everything, but you won’t have access to change the battery routine or schedule.

Can I use the battery with other forms of generation?

Not yet. This may change in the future, but for now, we can only support solar PV generation.

How long is my battery warranty?

Your warranty is between you and the manufacturer of the battery, which may vary depending on which one you buy.

Typically, a home battery warranty will expire as soon as either of the following happens i) a period of time passes e.g. 5 years, or ii) an amount of energy has passed through the battery e.g. 20,000 kWhs.

Will OVO SolarStore (Beta) invalidate or affect the warranty of my battery?

It won’t invalidate your warranty, but it could potentially shorten the warranty period. This is because OVO SolarStore (Beta) is likely to increase the amount of energy (kWhs) that cycles through the battery in order to do all the exciting grid-balancing activity outlined above.

For more information, see the OVO SolarStore (Beta) T&Cs.

How much does the battery installation cost?

This depends on your house and the complexity of the installation. You’ll get a proper quote during the site survey.

How long does the battery take to install?

Usually it takes 3-4 hours, but it depends entirely on your home.

Will OVO install the battery?

It’ll be installed by Northern Gas Heating on behalf of OVO Energy.

Can the batteries go on an outside wall?

They’re not designed to be installed on an exterior wall, so they’ll have to go inside. A garage is an option.

If I want to remove my battery, do I need to use OVO engineers?

If you want to continue getting the benefits of OVO SolarStore (Beta), we’d need to move the unit for you. However, If you didn’t want to benefit from OVO SolarStore (Beta) any longer, you can ask someone else who is qualified to remove it.    

What if I decide to stop being part of OVO SolarStore (beta)?

That’s fine, but you’ll stop receiving the OVO SolarStore (Beta) benefits, and will need to control the battery yourself using the relevant manufacturer's control. This will be enabled once you leave. Leaving also means you’re not eligible for future FiT export payments, and should approach your FiT licensee regarding this.

Not in the beta stage, but we’ll be working on how we can share your battery’s activity with you in the future.

Great question! Send feedback on any part of OVO SolarStore (Beta) to

Not right now, because we’re still in the beta stage. Right now, OVO SolarStore (Beta) isn’t available to customers in Scotland, Yorkshire, North-East England and North-West England. These are Grid Supply Point regions: 15,16, 17, 18 and 23 (these are the first 2 numbers of your MPAN). If you’re having trouble finding it, contact us via and we’ll check for you.

1 Estimated average first year savings of £590 comprising an annual £350 Battery Credit and an estimated annual average energy bill saving of £240, based on the following assumptions and conditions:
a) You have passed all eligibility criteria (as per clause 3 of the OVO SolarStore (Beta) terms and conditions set out here).
b) The Battery Credit will be credited to your OVO Energy bill in equal monthly instalments of £29.17 for the first year from when your battery is installed and activated, provided that you comply with the OVO SolarStore (Beta) terms and conditions. We reserve the right to change, reduce or withdraw the Battery Credit after the first year by giving you 30 days' notice.
c) An estimated annual average energy bill saving of £240 is based on OVO Energy’s modelling of estimated annual average energy bill savings. Savings are not guaranteed.
d) OVO’s modelling is based on various assumptions detailed in paragraph (e) below. Overall the modelling assumes:
(i) an increase in self-consumption of solar energy generated, stored and used in your home. This part of the saving goes towards reducing the bill you receive for household consumption. Using solar energy which has been stored in your battery means you draw less energy from the grid, reducing your bill; and
(ii) a monthly export credit to your energy account for any solar energy exported rather than being used, or stored in the battery for later use, and the credit of any additional electricity that is drawn and subsequently exported back to the grid (exclusive of battery round trip losses) for national grid balancing or energy trading activities that enable us to provide you with your Battery Credit. For example, if your export meter shows 100 kWh of energy has been exported, and you are an OVO Energy ‘Better Energy" customer (with a unit rate of 14.7p per kWh as of 16.09.2017), then your Export Credit will equal 100 * 0.147 = £14.70.
e) The specific assumptions used to calculate the estimated annual average energy bill savings of £240, for OVO Energy’s modelling are as follows:
(i) You are on the OVO Energy ‘Better Energy" tariff with a unit rate of 14.7p per kWh as of 16.09.2017;
(ii) Your usage being Ofgem typical domestic consumption values of a medium user (3,100kWh
electricity consumption per year), with and without a battery installed;

(iii) You have a 4kW solar array system installed in your home (which generates on average 3,500kWhs per year);

(iv) Prior to taking the OVO SolarStore (Beta) offering, you used only an average of 33% of the energy generated by the solar array system (as modelled and estimated by OVO Energy);

(v) You have a Nissan X-Storage home battery unit (4.6kW/4.2kWh) installed and activated as part of the OVO SolarStore (Beta) offering for 12 months from your battery activation date;

(vi) You waived your entitlement to receive the yearly FIT export payment of £88 (based on a 50% deemed FIT export credit for a 4kW solar installation); and

(vii) As part of the OVO SolarStore (Beta) offering OVO charges and discharges the battery as required in order to provide grid services, energy trading, and increased solar self-consumption.
2 Installation costs subject to survey. No obligation to proceed with installation.
Subject to stock availability. Please see full terms and conditions here
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