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January Vehicle-to-Grid stats

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Thursday 13 February 2020

January, the first month of an exciting new decade, is the focus of our latest Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) statistics release. January wasn’t that cold, and the evenings were getting lighter by a couple of minutes per day. Overall though, there’s no avoiding the extra energy usage during the more wintery months, and that’s where V2G can be particularly effective in balancing the grid.

To give clarity and provide information on our V2G trial, we’re releasing these stats and only include units which were installed for the whole of January.

Another 40 trialists joined in January and, if you’re one of them and reading this now, welcome and thank you for helping us develop and understand energy solutions of the future! Installs have continued through January, with more than 200 V2G units installed since the trial began. 

Note: When looking at the following figures, it’s worth remembering that totals include solar exports, as we’re paying 26p/kWh for solar exports in addition to the V2G exports.

An additional couple of minutes per day won’t have a major impact on the effectiveness of solar panels, and January still sees demand from your own home remain as lights are normally turned on as soon as we get in from work. The figures make for interesting reading:

Totals and maximums

As a collective, our trialists exported 27,000kWh of energy - enough energy to power more than 100,000 electric miles in a LEAF!

The highest individual export from one of the trialists was 770kWh. The total export credit was an amazing £259.76! This is a particularly high export level, and individual circumstances naturally have an impact, including demand on the grid in the local area and availability of the vehicle for exporting.


The averages again demonstrated that the benefits of exporting solar to the grid really pays off when exporting: Our solar average was 267kWh, and the non-solar average export was 202kWh.

In financial terms, the average export payment for our solar trialists was £77.83, and £68.84 for non-solar trialists. That’s £933.96  and £826.08 a year respectively!


If you have a LEAF and would like to speak to the team, find out more about the trial or get an insight into the potential benefits that V2G could give to you, visit , email [email protected] or call 0330 102 7423.

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