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Our Zero Carbon Home trial

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What's the Zero Carbon Home trial?

The way we use energy at home plays a big role in how we tackle the climate crisis. Just heating up homes makes for the largest single source of carbon emissions in the UK – over 15%2.

To change that, we want to show that heating homes with smart electric central heating powered by renewable electricity is a practical, low-cost solution.

By bringing low-carbon tech into your home, you can warm it up with cheap renewable energy and store heat at off-peak times, and release it whenever you need it.

Time for net zero carbon homes.

The smart tech going into your home

You’ll get this brand-new heating system worth up to £15,000 installed in your home – for free:

Ecodan air source heat pumps

Ecodan air source heat pumps from Mitsubishi

Ideal from small flats to large, detached houses alike, Mitsubishi Electric’s Ecodan air source heat pumps are the renewable, low-carbon alternative to traditional, high-carbon heating systems. Using only water and electrical connections to operate, they bring super-efficient, sustainable heating and hot water to your home, all year round.

Sunamp’s UniQ thermal battery

Sunamp’s UniQ thermal battery

Sunamp’s products use something called ‘phase change materials’ (PCM) to store and release a lot of heat quickly to help warm things up or cool them down. For our trial, the thermal batteries will heat the water flowing through it, warming up your home.

Kaluza’s intelligent energy platform

A Tado smart thermostat

With this, you can set your ideal temperature when you're at home, and if no one’s in? The Tado app will give you a heads-up to turn the heat off, so you can save money and energy.

Tado smart thermostat

Connectivity to Kaluza’s intelligent energy platform

Thanks to their cloud-based system, Kaluza adds a layer of control to your heating and hot water devices – optimising them for maximum efficiency, lower running costs and reduced carbon intensity. All this, while having zero impact on the comfort of your home.

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Any questions?

They’re an intelligent grid tech company, part of the OVO Group, who are leading the digital transformation of the electricity system. Their mission? To connect all devices to a smart zero-carbon grid, and help make the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

Meet Kaluza.

Sunamp delivers market-leading thermal energy storage to homes, businesses and communities around the world. Efficiency is what they go for.

Meet Sumamp.

They lead the UK’s domestic heat pump market with products like their multi award-winning Ultra Quiet Ecodan air source heat pump. Originally founded in 1921, the company has almost 100 years of experience in providing reliable, high quality commercial and domestic products to people all over the world.

Meet Mitsubishi Electric.

SGS Energy are our installation partners for the Zero Carbon Home Trial. A family business, they’ve been installing renewable energy products around the UK for over 10 years, so they’ve got loads of experience!

They’ll handle every step of the installation process, from assessing your home right through to installation. So, if you’ve got any questions, just drop them a line on [email protected] or 01227 913398 (Monday to Friday, 8am till 4:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays).

Yes. Not with OVO yet? We’ll be happy to have you.

Once with us, you’ll need to have a smart meter. If you haven’t got one already, go here to book yours - we'll check if you could get one installed.

The trial will start on the date your products are installed and is set to end on 31st March 2022. We reserve the right to extend the trial, in which case it’ll automatically carry on after 31st March and we’ll update you on a new end date. To find out more, check out our terms and conditions.

You’ll get the heating system for free and OVO’s smart meter (should you need one). You’ll only need to pay for your gas and electricity use, as usual.

If you decide to leave the trial before it ends, you may be charged for the cost of the heating system – the same applies if it gets damaged or lost. For more info, check out the full terms.

In case you want to go for a different type of heating system after we’ve installed this for you, it’ll be at your own cost.

It depends what fuel you use to heat up your home and hot water. If it’s gas, your gas use will go down, and your electricity use will go up. If it’s electricity (so if you have things like electric storage heaters or on-peak electric heating), your electricity use will stay about the same as before.

On top of this, you’ll also be able to control your heating and hot water, and use them only when you need them.

Great news! The heating system is yours to keep – for free.

Besides your overall energy use, we’ll also look at how much heating, power and battery you need to warm up your home. By understanding how these elements interact with each other, we’ll be able to prepare and optimise these types of electric heating systems to be better for our members’ home, their bills and the planet.

We and our partners may need to share your data between us to make sure your trial runs smoothly. Find more on this.

By all means! This trial is part of the government's Low Carbon Heating Technology initiative. Just go here to learn more.

If you have any issues with your new heating system, check out the troubleshooting steps in the user manual or the manufacturers manual. If you can’t find the info you’re looking for, give SGS Energy a call on 01227 913398 (Monday to Friday, 8am till 4:30pm, excluding Bank Holidays), or email them on [email protected].

You can also drop us a line at [email protected] – we’ll be happy to help.

If you experience any issues with your tadoº Smart Thermostat, please get in touch with tadoº. Just select the 'more' tab on the tadoº app and tap on the relevant subject. You can also visit their help centre at, or chat with them online at

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call on 0330 102 7423, (Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays), or email us at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help.

If, for any reason, you have an emergency, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with SGS Energy on 07708695211. They’ll be happy to help.

Yep! The Mitsubishi heat pump and Sunamp thermal storage unit both have 3 year warranties, and there’s also 1 year of free maintenance included as part of the trial. After that time, you’ll need to organise the maintenance of the equipment yourself.

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) is funding this trial, and will be covering the cost of both hardware and installation.

Because you'll be getting the hardware and installation for free, you won’t be eligible to claim on the RHI - as the RHI was set up to help those paying for this technology themselves.

To find out more about the RHI, check out Ofgems eligibility criteria here.

1Eligibility criteria applies, see our terms and conditions for details.

2UK Housing: Fit for the future?

3Calculation based on multiplying the carbon intensity of an average boiler by the KWh used in an average household.

4According to theEPA, a tree sequesters 0.06 tonnes or 60 kg of carbon dioxide equivalent over the course of 10 years. To calculate the yearly carbon sequestered, we divided the total saving by 10.

Terms and conditions

Participation in the Zero Carbon Home Trial is subject to eligibility and terms apply. For eligibility criteria and trial terms and conditions see

If you are eligible for this trial we may ask you to participate in research. For more information see

For Kaluza terms and conditions see

For terms and conditions relating to the MELCloud see

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