Volvo-OVO Charge Anytime Beta Trial: terms and conditions

These terms and conditions (Terms) relate to the Volvo-OVO Charge Anytime Beta Trial (the Trial). The Trial is testing the functionality of a new integration route for specific Volvo vehicles to pair with Charge Anytime, as well as the sign up journeys for new customers, including switching to OVO Energy and joining Charge Anytime.

 1. About these Terms

1.1 These Charge Anytime Volvo Beta terms and conditions (the Terms) form the agreement between you, OVO, Kaluza and Volvo:

(a) “You” are the person who has signed up to the Trial

(b) “OVO” is OVO Energy Limited;

(c) “Kaluza” is Kaluza Limited;

(d) “Volvo” is Volvo Car UK Limited;

(e) “We”, “us” or “our” means a collective of OVO, Kaluza and Volvo. 

These Terms are specific to the trial. They are separate to the OVO Core Terms and Conditions (Core Terms), the Charge Anytime Terms and Conditions, as well as Volvo’s General Terms and Conditions for Services.

In order to participate in the Trial you must agree to these Terms in addition to the standard OVO Core Terms, Charge Anytime Terms and Conditions and Volvo General Terms and Conditions.

 2.  Eligibility for the Trial

2.1 To be eligible for the Trial you must have a Volvo C40 Recharge 2021+, a Volvo XC40 Recharge 2021+, a Volvo EC40 2025+, or a Volvo EX40 2025+. You must also meet the eligibility criteria for Charge Anytime (except for the requirement to have a compatible EV listed within clause 5.1 of the Charge Anytime terms and conditions).

2.2 In order to join the Trial you must agree to: 

  1. Switch to any OVO Energy plan, if you are not already on supply, when instructed;

  2. Add Charge Anytime to your energy plan, when instructed;

  3. Let your Charge Anytime add-on be disconnected and reconnected, if you already have the Charge Anytime add-on at the start of the trial;

  4. Participate in simulated test scenarios including eligible and ineligible pathways. No test scenarios will impact your eligibility to switch to OVO or add Charge Anytime. (Note: we may also ask you to remove and re-add the Charge Anytime add-on for re-testing. See 3.3 below for full details);

  5. Give feedback, comments, suggestions, and recommendations about their experience with the product or journeys during the trial (note, we may ask you to share screenshots or screen-recordings of your experiences during the trial, or participate in feedback sessions);

  6. Not disclose any information about the trial to the public during the trial. 

You will receive a one-off £50 bill credit within 30 days of signing up or reconnecting to Charge Anytime as part of the Trial;

3. About the Trial

3.1 The Trial will last for a maximum period of 6 months from the date the Trial begins (which we will let you know via an email) unless it is ended earlier by us in accordance with these Terms or you decide to leave the Trial.

3.2 You accept that this is a trial product offering, and that the purpose of the Trial is to assess the viability and effectiveness of providing the Charge Anytime add-on to owners of Volvo C40 Recharge and Volvo XC40 Recharge vehicles. At the beginning of the Trial, not all features may be available. As such, you accept that the Charge Anytime add-on may not operate properly or be fully functional, for which neither we, nor our partners will be liable, and that not all features will be available throughout the trial. If any issues arise, we'll try to minimise their impact on you.

3.3 You accept that we reserve the right to remove the Charge Anytime add-on from your account with your express permission, or that we may ask you to remove this yourself, during testing, in order to re-run test scenarios. 

3.4 You accept that this is a private Beta trial and the partnership between parties has not been publicly announced, and you therefore agree to not disclose information about the Trial or the commercial partnership between OVO/Kaluza and Volvo to the public. 

3.5 We may end or make changes to the Trial at any time but we’ll let you know in advance before we do so. We may also make changes to these Terms but we will let you know of any changes in advance if we feel that these changes will have a negative impact on you.

3.6 You may terminate your participation in the Trial at any time in accordance with clause 9 of the Charge Anytime add-on terms and conditions and you agree to provide OVO, Kaluza and Volvo with feedback and the factors that led to you terminating your participation.

3.7 You agree to let OVO, Kaluza and Volvo collect data about your experience during the trial, and to contact you about your experience during and after the trial period in order to collect feedback, and to improve the user experience. Any data you submit will be used strictly in accordance with OVO, Kaluza and Volvo’s Privacy Policies (see more information below). 

3.8 Except where liability cannot be limited by law, we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of participating in this Trial.

3.9 The Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

4. Your Data

4.1 In order to participate in the Trial, we will collect and use certain data from you including: answers to questions when you sign-up to the Trial; any feedback you give during the Trial; necessary data to sign you up to OVO Energy and Charge Anytime (as specified in the OVO Core Terms and the Charge Anytime Terms); and specific data about your vehicle in order to link your OVO and Volvo accounts. See Schedule 1 below for full details.  

4.2 Any data collected will be used strictly in accordance with OVO and Kaluza’s Privacy Policies and Schedule 1 below, and will not be shared outside those working on the Trial unless necessary for providing the product/s to you.

4.3 Please find our privacy policies at,, and Schedule I (below) with regards to Volvo’s processing of personal data according to these terms. 

5. General

5.1 We won’t be liable for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of your participation in this Trial except where such loss or damage cannot be excluded by law. 

5.2 These Terms are governed by English Law and any dispute arising in relation to these Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

Schedule I -  Volvo Cars Smart Charging Trial Privacy Notice

For the purpose of the Trial, Volvo will process the following data:

  • Contact details given in the sign-up form;
  • Vehicle details;
  • Battery details, such as energy levels in the battery, target battery level, current limitation, and end time for charging;
  • Location, in order to determine when the vehicle is nearby the home charger. Vehicle location data will be processed when the vehicle enters a defined geographic area, based on the home address provided by you. Once the vehicle exits the area, location data will no longer be shared;
  • OVO account number, as received from OVO;
  • Energy consumed during charging at home address, as received from Kaluza; and
  • Other information related to the Trial such as, feedback, comments, suggestions, and recommendations about your experience with the product or journey during the Trial.

The data mentioned above will be shared between Volvo, OVO and Kaluza.

The processing of your personal data in relation to the Trial is necessary for the performance of these Terms. We will retain the data until the end of the Trial.