Warm Home Discount Terms and Conditions

1.  In these terms and conditions We, Us, Our and OVO refers to OVO Energy Ltd which operates under the Ofgem supply licences held by OVO Electricity Ltd and OVO Gas Ltd. Our address is 1 Rivergate, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6ED. ‘You/your’ means a person who has made the application and is an account holder, or named on the account.

2.   As part of The Warm Home Discount (the “Scheme”) we will provide a £150 (including VAT) rebate on the energy bill of eligible households (“Rebate”). Rebates will be made by way of a credit to the energy account, prepaid cards or top-up vouchers for prepayment meters, or by cheque. Where the Rebate is applied by way of a credit to your account we apply this to your electricity account by default for dual fuel customers (but you can request for this to be transferred to your gas account if you wish). The method used to provide the Rebate will be determined at our discretion.

3.  The Warm Home Discount scheme (the “Scheme”) is open to households if:

i.  You receive your domestic electricity supply from us and continue to do so until your rebate is received. We expect to make Warm Home Discount rebates until 31 March 2024; and
ii. Core Group: You, as the OVO electricity account holder are named on the account on the qualification date - 13 July 2023.
iii. Broader Group: You, are a named party on the account or the account holder and meet Ofgem’s qualification criteria (see here for more information)

4.  We may close the Scheme early if we fill our obligation before 31 March 2024.

5.  We may change the terms and conditions of the Scheme at any time.

6.   You, as our customer, agree to provide us with documentary evidence, if we ask for it, from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to show that you fit the eligibility criteria. Any evidence requested must be dated no earlier than 1 April 2023.

7.  You acknowledge and agree that in order for us to check your eligibility for the Scheme that: 

i.  We, and / or an organisation working on our behalf, may ask DWP or another organisation, for the information required to check or confirm your eligibility; and / or

ii.  DWP, or other organisations, may share this information with us and / or an organisation working on our behalf.

  1.  In order for us to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria or are in receipt of one of the qualifying benefit combinations you acknowledge and agree to:

i.  provide us, and an organisation working on our behalf, permission to send your documentary evidence or information to DWP, or other organisations, and

ii.  grant DWP, or other organisations, permission to disclose your information to us, and an organisation working on our behalf. You also agree that an organisation working on our behalf may contact you to provide your documentary evidence and information for verification purposes, and you agree to us sharing your information with any such organisation, and to us and such organisation processing your data for the purposes of the Scheme, including, without limitation verification.

9.  You acknowledge that we may use the information which you have provided to us in order to process your application and provide you with rebates and other relevant assistance which you may be eligible for.

10.  You acknowledge and agree that we may store your information until the 31 December 2024 as required by our regulator Ofgem.

11.  Only one application for a Rebate may be made per eligible household.

  1. If you are a Broader Group customer and you switch away before the rebate is applied to your account we reserve the right to withdraw your application request and cancel the rebate.
  2. We reserve the right to withdraw your application, if you do not respond with the relevant evidence within 8 weeks of the application or by the deadline requested.
  3. By submitting your application you agree to these terms and conditions.