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5 ways a good boiler is better than the new iPhone


Ok, we’re not actually suggesting that a boiler is as sexy as an iPhone X – but the truth is, it’s a piece of tech you simply can’t do without. And so long as your boiler is serviced regularly and working well, you could even argue that it’s better than an iPhone X because:

  • You won’t need a replacement or upgrade for at least 10 years (hopefully 15).
  • You don’t have to stare at it to make it work. 
  • It won’t fall out of your back pocket into the toilet.
  • You don’t have to remember to charge it every night.
  • If something goes wrong, a monthly insurance plan is a lot cheaper than forking out £1,000 for a new phone. 

Of course, if your iPhone dies, you can dig your manky old cracked one out to use temporarily, but if your boiler dies, you’re faced with days or weeks of cold showers and no central heating. That’s why it’s so important to service your boiler and keep it working efficiently. A regularly serviced boiler should also use less fuel, so it’s more eco-friendly. 

We’ve recently joined forces with boiler experts, CORGI HomePlan to bring you boiler cover that not only protects you if your boiler breaks down, it also ensures that it’s serviced and checked each year to make sure it’s in good health...which is more than you can say about that iPhone. 

Visit to find out more.

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