What’s the most cost-efficient way of cutting down on your energy use?

16 November 2018 | OVO Energy

It wouldn’t surprise you that around the world, our energy consumption continues to grow steadily. But it might surprise you that a third of global energy consumption is being used for the heating and cooling of buildings.

This is where we can all play our part to make a big difference – not just for the sake of the climate, but for our wallets too. To help, we’ve partnered with tado° to take a look at how you can easily reduce your energy consumption at home.

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about saving energy at home is probably a refurbishment project. Heat insulation. Energy efficient boilers. Solar thermal technology. Sound like a lot of work?

While they can make a big difference, they come with a big cost, too, which can put a lot of people off. So for those who are renting, living on a small budget or simply looking for something that can be done quickly with minimal effort, something else is needed.

Smart Thermostats

These clever little controls enable people to significantly reduce their energy usage with minimal effort, so it’s no surprise that they are becoming an ever more popular option. The tado° Smart Thermostat automatically controls the heating by using the residents’ location. It also takes other energy saving elements into account, such as the building and weather forecasts.

The results are pretty remarkable: a household can save up to 31% of its energy use by using the Smart Thermostat. If you already have a room thermostat all you need to do is simply replace it with the Smart Thermostat. tado° works with almost all heating systems and manufacturers and only a few steps are necessary to start living a cost and energy efficient life. If you have a system boiler, with the addition of a tado Extension Kit, tado can give you smart control and energy savings for your hot water heating too.

With the tado° Smart Thermostat you’ll soon get a return on your investment. It also helps you to achieve a first class A+++ EU label – awarded only to the most energy efficient heating systems. So why spend loads of time and money on a big refurbishment project when the smartest solution happens to be the quickest, the least expensive and the easiest to implement?

And as an OVO Energy customer, there’s never been a better time to get one. We’ve joined forces to offering existing customers a great discount on the tado° Smart Thermostat and other smart products. Curious? Head to My OVO to find out more about what’s on offer.

Read our practical guide on smart thermostats and how they can help you control your heating from everywhere and reduce your energy bills. 

Source: This article was researched and written by tado°.

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