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Green gas

Energy needn't cost the earth

Whether you’re thinking about joining OVO or looking to upgrade your current plan, with our Green Gas upgrade you’re guaranteed 50% renewable gas and we’ll carbon offset the rest.

Green gas for just £5 a month

We believe everyone has the right to renewable energy, and that exercising that right should be easy to do. That’s why we’ve created our Green Gas upgrade. Just pick your favourite plan and simply add on ‘Green Gas’ for an extra £5 per month, any time you like. And if you decide to cancel, that’s just as easy.

Only £5 extra per month

It doesn’t take much to start changing the world.

50% renewable gas1

Power your home with sustainable biomethane – renewable gas that doesn’t harm the atmosphere.

50% carbon offset2

To offset the other 50%, we fund projects that protect 500,000 hectares of threatened CO2-absorbing forests around the world.

If you're already with us...


Whether you’ve recently joined us or have been with OVO for years, just follow this link and select the add-on.

You can change your mind and remove it at any time.

Get the Green Gas add-on

If you're about to switch to OVO...

When you're signing up just select 'upgrade'. It's that easy. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Green gas is created by biodegradable material that’s transformed into biomethane (green gas) as it decomposes. This gas is captured, refined, and then pumped into our National Grid. But what we really love about green gas is that it’s made without harming the environment, because it’s completely carbon-neutral!

We already offer you the option of 100% renewable electricity (with 33% as standard) and although gas is a little trickier, we’ve had a breakthrough. Now you can switch to 50% renewable gas, while we carbon offset the rest! So while you do your bit for the environment, we’ll put funds into projects that protect threatened CO2-absorbing forests.

It’s also super flexible – you simply add it or drop if from your plan, anytime you like.

For just £5 a month, the Green Gas upgrade gives you:

  • 50% renewable gas

  • Investments in green projects that carbon offset the remaining 50%

  • A stake in the future, as we’re investing in technology to build a more sustainable energy system.

Keen to learn more about our fuel mix? See a breakdown of exactly where your energy comes from in our ‘fuel mix disclosure’.

Your Green Gas upgrade is continuous, so you’ll always have it unless you change your mind.

To cancel it, just log in to My OVO, and go to the ‘Your Profile’ page where you can hit ‘cancel’. This will be applied to your account the following month.

Depending on your statement cycle (eg. the monthly date that it’s generated), Green Gas might not show up on your statement until the month after you’ve added it. The first month it appears it’ll be backdated, so you can clearly see when your charges have started.

Well, if you’re passionate about protecting the planet – the best part of signing up to Green Gas is the knowledge that you’re helping the environment.

On top of that, you’re also helping to build a greener, more sustainable energy system for the future.

You’ll stop paying for Green Gas, as soon as your gas goes ‘off-supply’ with us. Just let us know when you’re moving out, through My OVO.

Payments for Green Gas are taken in advance for the upcoming month, so you’ll still pay for the whole month, even if you’re leaving midway through.

If you’re leaving us, you’ll stop paying for Green Gas, as soon as your gas goes ‘off-supply’ with us.

Payments for Green Gas are taken in advance for the upcoming month, so you’ll still pay for the whole month, even if you’re leaving midway through.

You can cancel Green Gas at any time in My OVO on the my profile screen. And, if you do, your Direct Debit will be adjusted accordingly. Remember, payments for Green Gas are taken in advance for the upcoming month. So unfortunately, if you leave halfway through, you’ll still need to pay for the whole month.

A range of green sources including biomass, landfill gas, sewage treatment plant gas and biogas power sources.

Even if you’re paying for 100% renewable electricity or gas, no supplier can guarantee that the electricity or gas coming into your home is from a renewable source. That’s because it all gets pooled in the National Grid – dirty and green alike.

It’s helpful to think of the National Grid as a motorway where cars (electricity or gas) comes on at different junctions (various sources) and leaves at different exits (homes and offices). Once electricity is in the grid, there’s no way of knowing where it came from.

When you choose our renewable electricity upgrade, we buy certificates on your behalf to guarantee that for every unit you use in your home, a unit from a renewable source is added to the energy grid. It’s the same with our Green Gas upgrade, but we purchase certificates for 50% of your gas use and carbon offset the remaining 50%.  

These upgrades mean that you’re putting more ‘green’ cars on the ‘energy motorway’ – and helping us to progress towards a cleaner, greener future.

The Green Gas Certification Scheme (GGCS) tracks biomethane, or ‘green gas’, through every step of the supply process to give you peace of mind.

You see each unit of green gas injected into the grid replaces a standard unit of gas. So the GGCS tracks each unit of green gas to ensure you always get the right gas.

Absolutely. As long as we already supply your gas or you switch your gas & electricity to OVO.

Because we like to keep things simple. Rather than locking you into long contracts or charging different amounts each month depending on how much you’re using, we just add £5 a month to your bill if you want 50% renewable gas1.

This accounts for the fact that you use a bit more energy in the winter than you do in the summer – and gives you the option to opt in and out when you choose, without having to switch to a new plan.

Your Green Gas isn’t tied to your energy contract, so you’ll continue to get it until you decide to opt-out, which you can do in My OVO.

Green Electricity boosts your renewable electricity from 33% to 100%. We’ll also plant five trees in your honour for each year you’re on the plan.

Green Gas add-on boosts your renewable gas from 0% to 50%. What’s more, we’ll offset the remaining 50%, by funding projects that protect threatened forests; 500,000 hectares of trees that absorb CO2.


If you’re on the Greener plan, you can get Green Gas without having to switch plans.

But if you want to move plans, you might need to pay exit fees if you still have time left on your contract. That’s why we recommend that you wait until it’s time to renew your plan before you consider opting into Green Gas.

Yes, you can – and we’d love it if you did..

Carbon offsetting is a way to balance out your carbon emissions, by doing something to remove the equivalent amount elsewhere.

So how do we offset your emissions if you have the Green Gas add-on? First we measure your carbon output by looking at how much gas you use. Although your gas is measured by volume, you can represent it as kWh. So for every kWh used, 0.184 kg of CO₂ is released.

A medium usage household burns around 12,500 kWh of gas each year (Ofgem), which in turn releases 2.3 tonnes of CO₂.

We buy carbon offset certificates of the same amount, which fund two projects:

  • The Kasigau project in Kenya, which protects  200,000 hectares of forest, plant trees and protects wildlife.

  • The Mai Ndombe project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which protects 300,000 hectares of forest (as well improving access to water, education and healthcare in local communities).

1 If you’re signed up to our Green Gas add-on, we purchase green gas certificates for 50% of your gas use from green sources, such as biomethane (from sources like biogas, landfill gas and synthetic gas).

2 The remaining 50% we buy carbon offsetting certificates through verified carbon-reduction schemes to ensure it’s carbon neutral. Visit and see FAQ for more information.

Full T&Cs apply, see and for more information.

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