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Reduce your carbon this Christmas

By OVO Energy Friday 20 December 2019

Christmas. It’s a time for family, food and festive cheer – but somewhere amongst the mountains of wrapping paper, the piles of leftovers and the majestic twinkling of a 3,000-bulb tree, there’s probably room for a few tweaks to help cut the carbon.

Energy saving Christmas lights 

We've all got at least one old box of hand-me-down Christmas lights. Well, if you’re still using incandescent Christmas lights on your tree or to decorate your house, you’re not making the most of super-efficient energy-saving LED bulbs. These bulbs can cut the cost of running your Christmas lights by up to 90% - helping you save money, and carbon.

Cut down on packaging and food waste

When you hit the shops for the big Christmas food shop, it’s easy to forget what you’ll end up with once the eating and drinking is done – waste. You can cut back on packaging waste by buying loose items or seeing if there are any options that are lighter on plastic.

And as for food waste – it’s easy to forget that each ingredient has its own carbon footprint. For example, did you know that cheese has a carbon footprint of 13kg per kilo1? So by buying too much, we’re putting more carbon into the atmosphere than we need to.

So, as well as planning how much food to buy, why not try creating a festive soup with your leftovers, or some cheeseboard mac ‘n cheese?  And, if you’ve got one, remember to put your food waste in the compost bin too, so it doesn’t end up in landfill. 

One car is better than two

This one is a big one. Most of us will have to travel somewhere this Christmas. So if you’re taking a car ride, why not share with other people heading the same way? Being tucked up in the back seat with family, friends or neighbours may cost you your sanity – but it will also help to cut down on your carbon emissions. And it’s a great excuse to get the Christmas tunes on and have an unforgettable festive sing-a-long. 

Planet-kind cards and wrapping paper

Every year, up to a billion Christmas cards and 8,000 tonnes of wrapping paper end up in a landfill. Luckily, there are lots of amazing recyclable wrapping paper options available - just keep an eye out as you pick yours out. Then, once the fun is over, just make sure any paper that can goes into the recycling bin. 

Go carbon-neutral

Ready to take carbon cutting to the next step? Check out OVO BeyondBETA.  It’s our new sustainable upgrade that brings you the 100% carbon-neutral energy and technology you need to supercharge your journey towards zero carbon.

Here are some easy and practical ways to reduce your carbon footprint


1How bad are bananas? By Mike Berners-Lee, 2010


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