Nine ways to do your bit for World Environment Day

04 June 2015 | Rachel England

Every year on June 5, people from all over the planet use World Environment Day as an opportunity to think about how their actions affect climate change, conservation and the natural world.

Read all about the amazing work of the initiative here, and then get eco-inspired to do your part for the day – and the planet – with our fun and simple ideas for more environmentally-friendly living. Whoever said it wasn’t easy being green?

Purge plastics

World Environment Day

Plastic is a great material but, used as a disposable, it is one of the environment’s biggest enemies. It can take hundreds of years for some plastic types to break down, and in the meantime it’s taking up space in landfill, causing harm to wildlife, and demanding natural resources so more can be made! Rethink bottled water, re-use plastics as much as possible or take your own bags to the supermarket.

Forget food waste

World Environment Day

15 million tonnes of food is thrown away every year in the UK. Almost 50% of this comes from our homes. Check out the Love Food Hate Waste guide to reducing food waste to make sure you’re not a culprit!

Mitigate Meat

World Environment Day

Meat is part of a healthy balanced diet but it is also very carbon intense, especially beef. Try to eat locally sourced meat when you do and consider Meat Free Monday. OVO has gone meatless on Mondays at our Bristol HQ and our foodie friends at Friska have served up some great options. Check out more info and recipes [here]

Be water wise

World Environment Day

Can you guess how much water the average person in the UK uses in a day? No? 150 litres! To put that into perspective it’s roughly the equivalent measurement of 264 pints of milk or 150 full kettles. Now you may have heard the phrase “take a shower not a bath” repeated many times across energy efficiency blogs – but there’s more to water wisdom than just watching what goes down the drain in the bathroom. To help, we’ve put together a list of five ways you can save water - [in the kitchen]!

Reduce, reuse, recycle

World Environment Day

The good news is that kids nowadays are taught the three Rs in school: reduce, reuse, recycle – so it’s usually the adults that need to catch up! If you can’t reduce your use of something, reuse it. And if you can’t reuse it, recycle it! Also try prioritizing buying recycled products everywhere you can; OVO now uses 100% recycled printer and bathroom paper, for instance.  

Ditch the car

World Environment Day

Owning and running a car is an expensive business and add that to the many environmental woes they’re responsible for and it’s no surprise more and more people are choosing to leave the car at home. Take public transport, walk or cycle instead.

Use appliances appropriately

World Environment Day

Our lives depend on our appliances, and with so many making everyday tasks so easy it’s little wonder we’ve come to rely on them so heavily. Fortunately, most newer models these days are pretty energy efficient, but there are still ways you can lighten the load on the environment. We’ve put together a list of [power-hungry appliances] you should keep your eye on with a few tips on how to use them more efficiently. 

Grow your own

World Environment Day

A lot of the fruit and veg we buy in supermarkets comes over-packaged, and isn’t always from the most sustainable sources. Have a bash at growing your own – it’s fun and the pay-off is much tastier than any store-bought produce. 

Swap and share

World Environment Day

They say sharing is caring, and what better way to show the environment you care than by sharing out its resources? Instead of buying a new drill for a one-off job, for example, borrow one from a neighbour. That way, you’ve saved all the materials that would have otherwise gone into producing a new tool. The same goes for books, games, food, clothing, cars, even land! 

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