Get £500 cashback on an electric vehicle with heycar. Now that’s electric.

15 November 2023 | OVO

Offer is no longer available.

We're offering over 2,800 free miles with Charge Anytime.

Fancy £500 off a second-hand electric vehicle? We’ve teamed up with heycar to bring you this exclusive offer.

And to make driving your new car even cheaper, we’ll add £50 credit to your energy account too, when you add Charge Anytime. That’s over 2,800 miles of driving for free1.

Did you know? With Charge Anytime, you can smart charge for under 2p a mile2, whenever you like.

How to get this offer

  • Give heycar – the online car supermarket – a few details about yourself and what kind of vehicle you’re looking for.
  • An expert from heycar will help you choose your perfect electric vehicle to buy from their selection. They have a huge range of quality used EVs.
  • Switch to OVO, if you’re not already a customer.
  • Add Charge Anytime to your plan for free – our add-on gives you cheaper, greener3 charging for 7p per kWh, whenever you smart charge. And if you don’t already have a smart charger at home, you can get one on our smart charger page
  • Claim your £500 cashback4, and we’ll also add £50 credit to your energy account to cover those 2,800+ miles. That’s over 4 months’ driving5!

Choose your vehicle now

Get cheaper, greener charging

We've partnered with heycar, because we want to make electric vehicles more accessible to everyone.

Not only will you get a great deal on your new electric vehicle and £500 cashback. We’ll also give you over 2,800 free miles when you add Charge Anytime – that’s £50 energy credit.

Charge Anytime is our smart charging add-on that means you can smart charge for just 7p per kWh – that’s under 2p per mile – at any time of the day.

Plus, our clever tech means you’ll be charging when the grid is greenest6. So it’s better for your wallet, and the planet too. Just plug in and choose when you need your EV to be charged by. We’ll do the rest. Your EV will still be ready to go when you are – but you’ll pay less.

Find out more about Charge Anytime

Electric vehicles: drive the greener way 

If you’re looking for a new car or van, it makes sense to go electric. It’s better for the planet, because driving an electric vehicle has a smaller carbon footprint than driving a petrol or diesel vehicle7. And it can be cheaper too. In fact, with OVO and Charge Anytime, you could save up to 80% compared to petrol fuel costs8

Find out if you’re eligible

To get this great offer, you need to be an OVO customer. And you need to sign up to our free add-on, Charge Anytime.

This offer is only available to the first 24 customers who purchase an eligible vehicle. The offer runs until the 24-customer limit is reached or until 30 March 2024, whichever is soonest.

Switch now if you’re not with us already, then add Charge Anytime to your energy account. To qualify for Charge Anytime, you also need to: 

  • Have a smart meter that’s set to send meter readings every half an hour. Not got a smart meter yet? Get yours for free now.
  • Have a home charger that’s compatible with Charge Anytime – see our range of smart chargers – or a compatible electric vehicle. Your heycar expert will guide you through this. They can let you know whether the vehicle you choose is already compatible, or whether you’ll need to get a compatible charger. 

Start your electric car journey now

Visit heycar to choose your new vehicle and snap up this offer while you can. It's only open to the first 24 customers, or 30 March 2024, whichever is soonest.

Important to know

Our heycar terms and conditions apply

  1. OVO is offering 2,857 free Charge Anytime miles through £50 credit for customers who have purchased an EV from heycar, switched to OVO and added Charge Anytime. This offer is available for new and existing OVO customers. 2,857 free miles is based on driving 4 miles per kWh which equates to 714 free kWh. Our Charge Anytime rate is 7p per kWh when smart charging, which calculates to £50 free credit. You will receive your credit within one month of switching to OVO and adding Charge Anytime.
  2. The 2p a mile claim is based on an EV customer driving the UK average of 7,000 miles at an average of 4 miles per kWh. The Charge Anytime add-on rate on 01/01/2024 is 7p per kWh. Actual sum per mile is 1.75p. Individual costs will vary based on your vehicle efficiency,  driving style and weather conditions.
  3. Our smart tech aims to charge your car when the grid has more renewable energy in it, within the time you’ve set. Meaning it’s less likely your EV will be charged by energy from fossil fuels.
  4. In order to claim your £500 cashback you will need to switch to OVO and add Charge Anytime then you will receive an SMS with instructions and a secure link to add your bank account details. Once you have done this you’ll receive £500 cashback into your bank account within 30 days. Alternatively, customers who do not have internet banking can show the SMS in any paypoint outlet and request a cash withdrawal. Proof of ID will be required. See full offer terms.
  5.  The actual figure is 4.63 months. This claim is based on using your 2,857 free miles, which will be credited to your energy account in the form of £50 bill credit within one month of purchasing an EV through heycar and switching to OVO. The average number of miles driven by a UK driver in 2022 was 7,400, which equates to 616 miles per month.
  6.  OVO’s smart tech aims to charge your car when the grid has more renewable energy in it, within the time you’ve set. Meaning it’s less likely your EV will be charged by energy from fossil fuels.
  8. This saving claim has been calculated by comparing the 'Tesla Model 3 Standard Range RWD: 145 – 305 miles' doing the UK average of 7,000 miles with Charge Anytime with a smart charging rate of 7p per kWh & 4m/kWh versus the 'BMW 3 Series with a 820 Mile Range and 13 Gallon Tank' doing 7,000 miles using petrol where the price per litre is £1.41. The 'Tesla Model 3 Standard Range RWD: 145 – 305 miles' equates to 1.75p per mile. Whilst the 'BMW 3 Series 820 Mile Range, 13 Gallon Tank' equates to 10.2p per mile. Resulting in driving petrol being over 5 times more expensive.