6 things that only EV owners understand

11 September 2017 | OVO Energy

Let’s face it, being a tech pioneer comes with its highs and its lows. On the one hand you can enjoy being that tiny bit ahead of the curve. On the other, you’re first to deal with those inevitable ‘new tech’ teething problems. And owning an electric vehicle is no different. So, from improved acoustics to battery-induced woes, here are a few things you cutting-edge EV-ers will know for sure.

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1. You’ve forgotten to care about the price of petrol

Let's be honest, you've almost forgotten how to pump petrol, and your wallet's much better for it. Suddenly, the chancellor’s budget no longer seems as scary. In fact, you’re more focused on how much cash you’re saving by powering a car with electricity. Kudos. 

2. Your ‘surround sound’ car stereo is the best

We all love a drive-time playlist, and equally, loathe having to constantly play with the volume to cover the white noise of car engine, road, and whining kids. Well, such worries are a thing of the past in your sound-proof space-age vehicle. The engine’s so quiet you’ve got the automobile equivalent of the Royal Albert Hall acoustics going on. Tres peaceful. 

3. According to everyone you’re an ‘EV expert’

Much like that distant relative of yours who can't seem to avoid questions about his one-day stint walking the Great Wall of China, you're now the delight of all your inquisitive friends regarding all things EV. Strangely you never tire of answering the same questions over and over. And unlike your relative, at least the rest of your family can share in your adventure. Go you. 

4. Your techy one-upmanship has reached new levels

You’ve probably always desired the latest tech first, so there was no way you were going to miss out on the EV revolution. And although you’ve been known to make the odd error here and there (we won’t mention Mini Disk in the nineties or Google Glass in the noughties), this time you've really taken a step in the right direction. You’re showing the world (and your neighbours) what progress really looks like. Move over iPhones. The future is all about EVs.  

5. ‘Range anxiety’ is the worst

You’re half way to Scotland with the kids and the dog in the back, and you can't seem to shake off the persistent angst caused by your dwindling battery life. Worrying about where to find the nearest charging point could easily put a damper on the holiday. But fret no longer. Things can only get better. OVO’s EV Everywhere plan brings you free membership to POLAR plus, which means access to over 5,000 UK charging points. And the Government’s recently promised to put in a charging point every 20 miles by 2021. Happy days. 

6. You know that our planet matters

You don't have to be a card-carrying eco warrior to appreciate the global benefits of owning an EV, but you more than anyone reveres science and understands the scary implications of climate change. We all do our bit for the planet, but you've gone that little bit further. :)

For the UK’s best value electric vehicle plan, visit OVO to save over £300 and get access to the UK’s biggest charging network. 

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